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Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by Leapmoorlass, Feb 15, 2013.

  1. I'm in too!! phew! Congratulations to us!
  2. Well done!! Glad the wait is over...roll on August haha
  3. Hello everyone! I'm in as well. Yipeee
    Does any body live in Glasgow West End and fancies to meet for coffee or something before the course starts?
  4. Congratulations to you! I'm in the west end area and would definitely be up for meeting for coffee at some point. Would be nice to put names to faces before August.
    Laura xo
  5. I'm not in the west but it would be nice to meet up with some others from the course before August. I can get to the west end fairly easily so will keep an eye on this thread. [​IMG]
  6. Hi Iona,
    Oh! Lucky you in Madrid! Was there for a long weekend in Feb 13 and loved the city. Hope you enjoy it and we get to meet when you are back inshalla.
  7. Hey Laura and lesdoc69,

    Great to know you are both interested :)
    With the long weekend coming ahead (May 4,5,6) do you fancy meeting on any of these days?
    Any time on these is fine apart from Saturday morning (can do afternoon though)
    Let me knowxxx
  8. Hi there :) I would love to meet up any of those days as it would give me a break from exam revision! Anytime suits me wonderfully so just whatever is best for everyone (exam time encourages me to stay in the house most of the time :p) xo
  9. Hey yeah It's a nice city, I've been here for about 6 years now, so looking forward to getting back to rainy old Glasgow!
  10. Hey all, just wondering if we had anything decided for definite for tomorrow?
    Laura xo
  11. Hey Laura,
    Really sorry didn't get to reply earlier. Birthday today so had a busy weekend of family gatherings..etc.
    Let's keep in touch and try and arrange something soonxxx
    again, really sorry[​IMG]
  12. Just seeing all these threads (RE: PGDE for 3013/14 entry at Strathclyde) there just now..!

    Got a unconditional offer back in March; couldn't believe it! Anyway, looks like we will be meeting soon either way; but I also live in the West End..! [​IMG]

    How is everyone getting on? We only have a few weeks to go before it starts; so I'm going to try and just chill out and recover from a wee bout of illness lately, before it all kicks off very shortly!! [​IMG]

    Not heard back about my PVG stuff yet, though. Has everyone else got that sorted at this point?

    I read that if we don't have it in good time then we can't go on placement at all [​IMG]
  13. Hi Kmcken25,

    I don't think everyone has it sorted yet, especially if it is your first PVG it can take a while to come through! Remember we don't have our first placement until September so you still have a good while for it to come through, and if there were any problems I'm sure someone would be in touch with you to get it sorted out :).

    Laura xo
  14. Hey Laura,

    That's slightly reassuring that not everyone has theirs through just yet, as well, haha..!

    I used to get Enhanced Disclosures all the time back when I was coaching (gymnastics) on and off over the years - and they could take AGES to get sorted out and eventually sent though after a sometimes rather lengthy process. But this PVG membership is a relatively new thing altogether, so have to go through this longer initial joining-up process first and then the usual Enhanced Disclosure rigmarole on top of that, ha...!

    But hopefully it won't take too much longer, as we definitely have to have them in place BEFORE we go on placement! [​IMG]

    Can't believe we start in only 3 weeks' time, essentially!!

    Looking forward to meeting you all and getting tore in! [​IMG]


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