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Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by Leapmoorlass, Feb 15, 2013.

  1. Hi,
    I had an interview last year at Strathclyde(PGDE Primary) and the questions I remember were along the lines of:
    Tell us about an inspirational teacher you have had or known
    How do you feel about an 'inclusive' policy in schools
    What are the challenges facing education today
    What 'learning styles' had I come across.
    They are not looking to trip you up but your answers need to refer to any educational experiences that youve had. ( Thats where I failed!!)
    Hopes this helps and Good Luck
  2. Thats actually really helpful thanks! i hadnt thought of the inclusion question so i'll definitely prepare for that!
    Did you apply again this year?
  3. Hi
    I'm glad that was useful
    yes I applied again and have my interview this Friday!! Nerves got the better of me last year so fingers crossed I dont turn into that gibbering wreck again! I am hoping that we find out pretty soon after interview as they are a bit later in the year than last year so they should already know how many places they have.
    Good Luck to All
  4. Hi, I also have an interview on the morning of the 28th. Thank you for the hints on the interview and what we might be asked at the interview....I'm so nervous!!
  5. Hi Angela,

    My time is for 12 noon so I'll probably be after you. I'm equally nervous! I'm trying to prepare for any questions that could be asked but there are so many!!
    Best of luck!

  6. I'll keep everthing crossed for you leapmoorlass, you'll be great!!

    good luck!!
  7. kezzyxx,

    From speaking to some teachers i know, they have mentioned things like budget cuts and inclusion policies. i think if you search around forums in tes etc, there will be plenty to talk about!

    What time is your interview?

  8. Hi, Danielle, Thanks for your help, the teacher i know have mentioned inclusion policy too so i think that will come up,

    My interview time is 8.30 am on the 28th February as well,

  9. Hi guys,
    Just busy getting ready for my interview at 12 today ... eek! Does anyone else have their's today? Best of luck to everyone with interviews coming up over the next few days.
    Laura xo
  10. Good luck Laura!! Let us all know how it goes! You'll be great! xx
  11. Thank you Danielle :). I'll be sure to comment on this thread once it's all over!
    Laura xo
  12. Good luck !
  13. Thanks for all the well wishes guys! For those of you who have not had an interview yet don't worry! The interviewing staff are lovely, and the questions really aren't trying to catch you out! Just try to reflect on your own experiences and you'll do well!
    Laura xo
  14. Hi everyone! I have my interview on the 28th at 8:30 and I'm so so nervous!! I've been thinking about this for months and months. I've been looking at inclusion and assessment stuff but I'm so worried that when I get in there I'll go totally blank and look like a muppet.... what is everyone else doing to prepare? Also, how much knowledge of each topic do you think they'll expect us to have? I feel like I know so much but can't get it organised in my brain lol!! :)
  15. Hi there. Inclusion is a good thing to look at. I just looked a lot at the CfE and the problems in primary school education today mainly. It's important to know what's going on but no one is going to expect you to have a perfect knowledge of everything at this stage! We're not student teachers yet :). Most importantly try to think of how you can relate everything to your own experience! Best of luck to you!
    Laura xo
  16. That's made me feel soooo much better, thank you!! :) I think I'll spend the next week just trying to get my thoughts organised and doing a little more reading on the hot topics.... I can't remember the last time I felt this wound up, really hope I don't go to pieces on the day. Can I ask, what was the format today? I hope it went well for you! :)
  17. It's no problem :). That sounds lik a good plan, I'm sure you'll do very well! We had a presentation given to us by the course head - just a bit about assesment, what we were learning, placement etc. It wasn't very long. Then you go off to an individual interview which lasts around 15 minutes. I had 2 people interviewing me and think that is the same for everyone. You get assigned a group before the presentation. Hope this helps :).
    Laura xo
  18. Hi Laura, you must be pleased and relieved it's over! I've got mine tomorrow and am started to get nervous.
    How many people were there at the same time as you?

  19. So pleased it all went well for you! It sounds like a positive experience so that's made me feel a lot better!
    I'm trying to organise my answers as much as possible then on the day just be calm and enthusiastic! cant believe i have to wait another week!
  20. haha, these are my exact worries! i think you have to demonstrate that you've made an effort to understand the issues and gain experience but i dont think you're expected to be an expert.
    when you look around the forums etc, its the same kind of questions that pop up so I am just preparing answers to them! my interview is also the 28th but at 12pm so as you're heading off to relax and have a glass of wine, I'll be heading in! be sure and say hi, i'll be the quivering mess muttering to myself! :)

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