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PGDE Strathclyde

Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by Syson89, Jul 27, 2012.

  1. Hey people, I am just wondering if anyone has successfully got a place at the university of Strathclyde? I have, just trying to sort all the paperwork out for it!

    I am doing a PGDE in RE.
  2. Hey guys,

    I'm also heading Strathclyde-wards in a few weeks. I'm doing a PGDE in Biology. Cant wait!

  3. Does everyone feel as unprepared for the course as me? I am frantically revising subject related stuff...

    I dont really know what to expect, but I am quite excited! :D
  4. I finished work on Friday there so looking forward to three weeks off to get my head in gear for the next year. Was supposed to on the 17th Aug but took holidays. Going on Monday to hand the PVG form. Feeling quite nervous - it's been 5 years since I was at uni - worried I can't remember how to write an essay :) Very excited though! I'm doing English.
  5. I wouldn't say I felt underprepared. Some subject knowledge which has gotten very rusty, but I will cross that bridge when I come to it, I want to enter this thing as calm and relaxed as I can be.

    Been 4 years since I was last at uni, I could worry myself fretting over what I've still got and what I may have lost, but the way I see it, I will find out once I get there. When the course gets into full swing it will get intense, what I need more than anything is a calm and clear head. So I'll just be taking it easy from now till the course starts.
  6. that's my PVG handed in, hopefully it won't take too long to come through :) roll on Aug 27th!!
  7. Yes, i've got my place and feel a little bit inundated with paper work right now. Although I think i've got it all sorted. i've got my PVG stuff sorted anyway.
    So i'm going to be doing English, and i'm hoping everyone is as nervous as I am. I have a fair idea what to expect on the placement side of the course, but am not really sure what we'll be doing in university. anyone have any ideas?
  8. Hey guys....

    Just to let everyone know, there's a facebook group been set up if anyone is interested in joining. The group is for everyone doing the PGDE this year.

  9. I just applied to join there now, so just waiting to be accepted. Here's hoping I don't have to wait as long as Strathclyde made me wait :p
  10. Joining request sent :)

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