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PGDE(Secondary) Maths at Strathclyde for 2011-12

Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by seebee86, Jun 29, 2011.

  1. seebee86

    seebee86 New commenter

    i will be starting pgde(sec) maths at strathclyde this august... just wanted to know if anyone else over here is starting at the same time....i am really excited about it and not to mention a little nervous too as it has been quite a while since i left uni... would be great to meet someone here who is also starting the same course this year!
  2. Hi,

    I'm starting in August for secondary Maths too. Its ages since I left Uni too - so feeling nervous like yourself. I'm sure it'll be fine once we get going.
  3. I'm heading in August to do Secondary Computing. My bf just completed his maths PGDE and he said he really enjoyed it!
    I'm nervous to but excited as well! Just need to get accommodation sorted and I'm away!
  4. seebee86

    seebee86 New commenter

    Yea... It's gonna be okey I guess... Good to see someone from the same course... C u at the uni!
  5. seebee86

    seebee86 New commenter

    @natstv...So will u b renting with someone or r u getting hostel accommodation?
  6. Hey,

    I went for my interview last week and i've got a place on the PGDE maths for 2011 too! Haven't got any details through yet though. Can't wait to get started!
  7. Thanks! Still waiting on my registration pack. Think there will be about 50 of us - not 100% sure though. Are you looking forward to getting started? Are you travelling to Jordanhill everyday or are you staying in Glasgow?
  8. seebee86

    seebee86 New commenter

    Yes... I am very excited and a little bit nervous too! Mixed feelings, I guess! After reading lots of experiences from various people, I gather that it will be a tough year and i am looking forward to it. The only thing that's making me nervous at the moment is that I have been out of studies for quite a while, so getting back on track will take a littlle extra effort :)
    I live in Glasgow, so I am planning on getting a bus from the city centre! Where are you travelling from?
  9. I'm sure you'll be fine. After a long summer away from uni everyone will be feeling the same I think! I just can't wait to get out on placement :)

    I'm travelling from Airdrie everyday so don't know whether to take the car everyday to Jordanhill, or to get the train from Airdrie to Queen St then Queen St to Jordanhill, or get the train to Queen St and then get the bus? Will need to do a trial run at some point :)

    Do you know what our timetable is like yet? Still waiting on my induction pack. How do we enrol, sort out our tuition fees etc?
  10. seebee86

    seebee86 New commenter

    According to the uni, we are expected to be in uni from 9 to 5, given that it's a full time course... I don't have the definite timetable yet, they sent a general one stating the dates for placements and uni days.... If you want to take a look at that one, let me know and I can email it to you! Registration is on the 25th of August, which is next week, so hopefully you will get your registration details soon!
    I am getting saas funding, so I just have to hand in my notice when the classes start!
  11. Yeah a wee look at one would be great thanks. I'll PM you my email address. Does it say if we have to register online or do we need to go in to register?
  12. Hi,
    Shona, we met at the interview on the 3rd, glad to hear you got in aswell!
    I haven't recieved any information yet and am a bit worried! I got a confirmation letter and a few forms to fill in but have no proper timetable yet or any info on registering/paying fees etc.. have you recieved anything? I was thinking it might be because we only got the place recently but the course starts next week!
    Also, since im travelling everyday I would like to book train tickets in advance so need to know what dates I need to be on campus. We only need to be in Glasgow the days we have classes right? Do we need to be in everyday next week?
    I feel really confused right now, the course starts next week but I dont have any proper information yet!
  13. Hi Seebee,
    Is registration definately on the 25th? Do we need to be on campus for that? i heard it might be online.
    Does ur timetable have the lectures we're supposed to attend or what time we're supposed to go in or stuff like that? I got a basic one with the placement dates but thats it..

  14. Hi Izzy,
    Congratulations on getting on the PGDE Maths course - I'll see you at the start of term next week.
    The details that most of us seem to have received say that we need to pick up our matric cards on 25th. Registration itself can be done online, but you will need to have the login details in order to do this.
    The only timetable that I have had, so far, is the same one as you, with details of the placement dates, etc... I am hoping that we will get a full timetable on 25th when we pick up the matric cards, otherwise, I suspect it'll be on Monday.
  15. seebee86

    seebee86 New commenter

    Sorry about the mix up, yes the registration can be done online after we get the login details from the university, I have done mine a couple of days ago... And the date for the collection of matriculation card is the 25th of August from 10:30 to 11:00 am.
    I checked the time table after logging in but it's not there yet, the uni might update it before the end of this week, so just have to keep checking!
  16. Hey Guys. Good to hear from other people who are also starting next week. I'm studying PGDE Physics with Science, have been out of education for a year so feeling a little nervous if I'm honest, but have some school work experience so shouldn't be too bad. I've heard that PGDE's are VERY intensive courses, just hope I can deal with the pressure. I, too haven't received any sort of information pack, even though I was formally accepted a week ago. Contacted them yesterday - only now they are getting around to prosessing my application form. I'm planning to travel up on Monday by flight, does anyone think this is too late?
  17. We start at 9am on Mon 29th, so you might be cutting it a bit fine ;)
    See you then!
  18. Hey Skotkat,I see you're doing PGDE music... wish I was doing that! I'm very musical myself but went in for physics instead, where my natural talent was always in composing and playing. what do you play?
  19. seebee86

    seebee86 New commenter

    Its the McCance building situated in town. I thought it will be in Jordanhill campus, but its not there.
    I am doing PGDE (Sec) in Mathematics. Getting very excited now! It has been more than 5 years since i graduated and i can't wait to go back to uni!
  20. Pick up times must be different for different courses - Physics is 11 - 11.30 I think?


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