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PGDE Secondary Education: Computing

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by deanjp, Apr 12, 2020.

  1. deanjp

    deanjp New commenter

    Hello :),

    I hope that you are all well, surviving the apocalypse and staying healthy!

    I recently applied for the PGDE Secondary Education in Computing/Computer Science and am waiting to hear back as to whether I will be invited for interview or not. However, I am still trying to prepare incase I do get invited for interview and I don't have last minute preparation panics!

    I have found really limited information online on interviews for Computing PGDE(Secondary) and wondered if anyone can give me some information on what may be asked or things to specifically look at prior to interview, so I can prepare the best way I can.

  2. jeanmassieu

    jeanmassieu New commenter

    From my experience, as you commented on my thread for the online interview, it was all about getting to know who you are. So show your personality, and give details on why you want to become a teacher. Perhaps cite some teachers or leading practitioners in computing? There is an interview question bank that you can find on this forum, but I could not recall seeing any contributors from someone doing computing, sorry.

    Which university are you applying to in Scotland? I have applied to Glasgow but have not heard back from them yet.

    Good luck with your research.
  3. deanjp

    deanjp New commenter

    Thank you - I have no received an interview invite and I am really excited and nervous all at the same time. There was no information attached to it though other than a date or time, do they send out an email with anything? Or should I contact them?

    Have you heard back?
  4. rolls

    rolls Occasional commenter

    In the present situation interviews may be different to normal and will probably concentrate on a face to face interview online. You need to show that you are a good communicator, can hold the audience’s attention, have good computing skills and know the content of the computing curriculum.
    deanjp likes this.
  5. jeanmassieu

    jeanmassieu New commenter

    Not yet, but I have until the end of May. I hope you will smash your interview.
  6. deanjp

    deanjp New commenter

    Thank you :) I interviewed yesterday and have received an offer today so very excited, hope you find out soon!
  7. bmouthboyo

    bmouthboyo New commenter

    I would say it is important to get across that you are aware of the curriculum and importantly understand that computing is no longer word, power point and spreadsheets. Those days are long gone thankfully.

    You don't need to try to impress with overly technical knowledge, but I would recommend demonstrating a sound understanding of a programming language, computational thinking, digital safety, basic logic and an overall adaptability in a quickly changing subject area.

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