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PGDE Primary UWS 2011

Discussion in 'Primary' started by eatanazurecrayon, Jan 9, 2011.

  1. Hi Everyone,,

    I just applied to UWS for this coming September. Wondering if anyone else has? Also, anyone know how many places are available this year?

  2. Hi Karmen,
    I have also applied to UWS for this Sept. I was worried that my application may not have reached them in time as the post was running really late around the time I sent mine. Not sure when we would expect to hear back from them. Have you applied anywhere else?
  3. Hi,
    I sent mine at the beginning of December. I'm not sure what there process is for making their way through the applications. I don't think it makes a difference when you applied (as in those who applied earlier shouldn't hear back earlier) so I wouldn't worry, hopefully we'll receive some news soon. I've heard back from Strathclyde and have an interview with them next month. Did you apply anywhere else?
  4. Hello all,

    Spoke to admissions today and they are hoping to notify successful applicants next week.

    Not sure how accurate this is but worth mentioning.


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