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Pgde primary strathclyde

Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by PaulMc871, Dec 31, 2010.

  1. Hi there,
    I've got an interview on the 3rd of Feb so I think i'm in the same boat. It says on the letter that the process takes four days of interviews and mines is on the Thursday so i'm just hoping mines isn't the last day!
    :) x
  2. Well done :)

    I haven't heard anything yet, I'm so anxious! I applied at the end of November though so it was quite late. When did you apply and when did you hear back? Is it primary you have applied for?

    A xx
  3. Hopefully you get a reply soon- Strathclyde appear to be taking much longer than Glasgow to reply! I applied on the 12th of October and got my reply on the 23rd of December so they now appear to be working through them at least. Yeah it's primary i've applied for- have you applied to anywhere else? x
  4. Yeah hopefully, I check gttr at least 3 times a day now it's insane! :) I applied on 25th November so a good bit later than you. I haven't applied anywhere else, I've got Glasgow as my second choice but they have no vacancies now so I'm quite nervous. Have you applied anywhere else?

    A xx
  5. Hey

    I heard back on the 24th of December I have an interview on the 3rd of Feb ( apparently its one of the first days and I know someone with an interview two weeks after)

    I heard Glasgow for full and that's my second choice also so fingers crossed


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