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PGDE Primary Strathclyde 2012/13

Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by steph_mck, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. Hi all,

    Thought I would create a new forum for those starting in August [​IMG]
  2. Hi all,

    Thought I would create a new forum for those starting in August [​IMG]
  3. Hey, thanks for this!
    Does anyone remember that they asked us to start PVG applications?
    Any idea how on earth we can start our PVG application on the PVG website? It says we need to apply through an 'umbrella scheme' or an employer and can't apply individually, any ideas?
    Ali x
  4. Hi everyone! This is a great idea for us all to get chatting before we start in August :) as for the PVG, I can't remember what they told us in the overview.. Was that nervous for the interview I didn't even register what they were saying! I think when they send us our welcome letters it will tell us what to do about the PVG and help us fill it in! Contatulations again btw :)
    Alana x
  5. Hey Guys. Well done on getting in! I am currently doing the PGDE Primary myself, nearly finished!! Just to let you all know, you get a PVG pack sent to you, I think in May/June time (I THINK!). You have to get it countersigned by the uni before you send it away (well we did) so be prepared to make a trip to Jordanhill
  6. Hi there,
    Thanks for your post. I've already got a PVG because I was volunteering just recently there. How would this work do you think? It's such a complicated process!

  7. It depends if it is the full PVG. If it is, I think you still need to fill out a form but not sure if it costs as much. Please don't quote me though cos I'm really not sure. We had to do a full PVG application at start of course and a small form to confirm we are registered before we got provisional registered with the GTCS
  8. Hi,

    I'm also currently on the course! You're in for a manic, crazy year! As for the PVG, you'll get forms sent out anytime between May and July! If you're already in the scheme it'll cost you £18 for an update, unless there have been changes since you last had a certificate sent out. If you're not already on the scheme, it'll cost £69 for you to join it. You don't need to appear in person, you can send it via post with all your supporting documents. Hth, good luck with the course

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