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PGDE primary placement dilemma - choosing where to study?

Discussion in 'Scotland - Primary' started by LucyTupp, Aug 20, 2018.

  1. LucyTupp

    LucyTupp New commenter

    I am planning to apply to begin my PGDE in 2019 and am seeking advice on where to study.

    Initially I've been planning to study in Glasgow - mainly because a family member recently died, leaving behind a flat that I would be able to live in rent-free apart from electricity & shopping etc. This seems ideal because I thought I could work part-time but I hear the year is so intense this wouldn't be doable. So that would remove the worry about rent. I also have friends & family there.

    But this is the other thing - my overall dream is to teach in a school close to the sea (or, at the very least, live next to the sea). I've noticed schools that are closer to the sea are more environment-focused in things they do which appeals to me. But I understand that if I choose to do my PGDE in Glasgow then I will be placed somewhere locally and then have to stay on in the area for another probationary year too - is that correct?

    I don't know how easy it would be to relocate later and find a job in a place that I really want to be location-wise. I'd appreciate any advice you have, thanks
  2. Wotton

    Wotton Established commenter

    I don't think you have to do your probationary year in the same area. I think you apply to the local authority you want to work in. My niece trained in Glasgow but she did not do her probationary year with that authority.
  3. Marisha

    Marisha Occasional commenter

    Many years ago, I did my placements around the Glasgow area and my probationary period in Fife. New teachers have indicated to me that there's some kind of form they have to fill up which indicates their preferred area. Apparently, if you tick the box that says you'll go anywhere, you get more money?

    I recall working in a Fife school one time, and having a student teacher there who was training in Aberdeen. (I think she had family in Fife.)
  4. pff

    pff New commenter

    You request areas for your probation period in order of preference. You also might not necessarily get all student placements in Glasgow. Although, it is more likely you will be in Glasgow or areas near by.

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