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PGDE (Primary) Essentials?

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by amykrobertson, Jul 2, 2014.

  1. I start my PGDE (Primary) in August and I'm looking to get all my supplies sorted before then, as I had my partner's birthday and son's birthday in July and then two weeks to do back to school shopping for the kids.

    For uni I'm just following what I learned from my undergrad: the essential books from the reading list (especially the maths one as many people have said it's a god send); laptop; some pens and highlighters in a small pencil case; 2-3 notepads and a few ring binders with dividers and wallets. I previously used 1 folder and notepad per subject, but since I re-typed the notes I ended up with hardly any paperwork in the ring binders and lots of left over space in the notepads.

    I'll also be adding in a copy of the current Curriculum for Evidence just to have on hand.

    However, after reading various articles and discussions online I am starting to panic about my placements. I, rather stupidly, remained oblivious to the fact I'd actually need separate stuff for placements as my undergrad course never required anything like this.

    From my research it seems like I should invest in the following:

    - more ring binders, plastic wallets and dividers: preferably one per teaching subject; one for general class information (registers, pupil information etc) and one for any evidence for my course.

    - enough pens to hand out for the rest of my life and never run low, in various colours (blue, black, red and green); pencils for the pupils and tubs to keep each in.

    - whiteboard markers and highlighters

    - scissors, pritt stick, calculator, sharpener etc.

    - stapler and hole punch, along with various items such as paper clips and staples.

    - stickers and stamps for marking

    - arts and crafts material such as coloured card

    - bundles of loose plain/lined paper, post-it's, envelopes and flash cards

    - USB stick

    - thermos, iburofen, wet wipes and a box of tissues

    - class/lesson planner

    - a study bag to keep all of the above in, as well as an additional laptop bag/handbag.

    Does this seem like a decent essentials list to make sure I'll survive placement? Is there anything I may have missed out on that you found absolutely necessary?
  2. Anon11752732491357682

    Anon11752732491357682 New commenter

    Hi! How did it go? What suggestions do you have for me to prep for?
  3. blueskydreaming

    blueskydreaming Lead commenter

    The OP hasn't logged on since December 2014 (if you click on their name it will come up with a box of details), so I'm not sure how well their PGCE went!

    Don't waste time and money buying all of these things. Are you really going to drag around 5 ring binders each day, one for each lesson? Go digital. Use your uni's e-library. Use spreadsheets to track data, PPTs for lesson plans, email evidence to show you are seeking help with SEN students or attending parents' evenings etc. Even physical evidence such as lesson obs can be scanned, which saves space. I never had a physical evidence folder for the PGCE or NQT year.

    Never spend your own money on things for the classroom. Glue, whiteboard pens, scissors etc. are provided by your placements, as are spare pens and pencils for forgetful students.
  4. Pomza

    Pomza Star commenter

    Good advice.

    Nobody will ever want to read an NQT's 'evidence folder' anyway...
    blueskydreaming likes this.

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