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PGDE Primary Education Dundee University 2012

Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by RedRuby87, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. Did you guys get asked for your transcripts? I haven't and was panicking incase anyone else had. Also Dundee is showing no vacancies on the GTTR website so I guess we might hear soon? I sent mine on the 12th of Nov
  2. Ive applied for Dundee aswell and ive yet to hear back, which is quite unusual going by previous years! Does anyone think that GTTR having that delay, will delay us hearing back?
  3. Hi, I haven't heard anything and neither has my friend who has applied to Dundee as well. It is starting to make us both really nervous!
  4. Who is going to be brave enough to call and find out? Lol
  5. Sooo? Has anybody heard anything today? I have an auntie who worked with Dundee university (she was head of a primary in fife...) and she said it could be feb - I can't wait to hear something!
  6. Hello,

    I have also applied for Dundee and not heard anything back either........It is completely nerve-wracking and I am trying not to want it too much. From the last couple of years it looks like the interviews are held around the 26th of January so hopefully we will find out soon. Has anyone made the call to the uni yet?

    What kinds of experience did you all have?

  7. I know I don't want to hassle them but still heard nothing back......

    I think most of the Edinburgh and Glasgow applicants have heard back from the looks of things....I really want to know!

    I wonder if it means there has been a high number of applicants. Like I said so tempting to phone just don't want to annoy them.

  8. Hi everyone. I just received an email with an date and time for my interview! Hope you are all receiving emails too!
  9. Hey!!
    I just got an email as well offering me an interview!! So excited. Mine is on the 24th of January, when is yours?
    Definitely going to be busy this week planing unfortunately I don't have time to start it tonight with work and also planning my PE lesson for tomorrow. Can't believe that in the same day I get offered an interview and told that I can do my first proper full class lesson tomorrow!!
  10. I have a version written, not too sure if its the way I want to go with the presentation. I think I need to make it more personal. I have a meeting with my HT on Monday and we are going to look over it so hopefully I will have everything sorted on Monday night :)
    I'm not too nervous about the interview, yet! Normally it's the day of or the night before interviews and presentations that ingest really nervous. Are you feeling the nerves yet?

  11. Hi

    I have my Dundee interview on the 24 aswell and wondering if anyone could shed some light on parking on campus? I'm hiring a car from Edinburgh airport and driving there, I read something on website about permits so just wondering what other people are doing?
  12. Hey! Well done on getting an interview.

    On campus itself its permits only unfortunately. I've been caught out with that before when I lived in halls at Dundee. However, there is a small pay and display car park very close to the building for the interview. Failing that the car park at debenhams is only a short walk away. Hope this helps some, check out google maps. The pay and display car park is on old hawkhill.
  13. Thanks so much! Will probably go for Debenhams carpark as i think i'll be hours early!
  14. hey has any1 else NOT heard back yet? i seem to be in application limbo as i no others have interviews and others have been unsuccessful?
    also from reading other posts, it seems that the interview is a presentation? last time i had an interview it was just that, a straight forward interview. has that changed now?
  15. Ho hum - well I have heard but only that Dundee made an admin error so I was marked as unsuccessful and now I have to contact Ucas to resubmit my application ... Not very happy as it's not as if I have been told I have been successful and as I'm applying from Sicily and not moving to the uk til June when my kids are out of school I really wanted to know sooner rather than later for flights etc last minute stress isn't feeling very good... Congratulations and good luck to those who are going for interview!! From another kind of limbo...
  16. Hi Westeringhome, i too have had the same email from Dundee! I have resubmitted my application as requested and was told by ucas that Dundee have until the 15th of Feb to contact me! I phoned the admissions number on the email and they said the same thing :( as extra back up i emailed them a copy of the email i got and emailed them to see if they could give me anymore information, but have yet to hear back. If i learn anything else i will post and let you know!
  17. Hello,

    I got the same unsuccessful message on the GTTR only to be told it was a mistake. I have had my application reinstated so am just back to waiting now.

    I phoned the University this morning to confirm with them that GTTR had resent the application and also asked when we were likely to hear back, the lady on the phone said it wouldn't be long now so fingers crossed we hear back in the next couple of weeks!

  18. Good luck to all of you who have had the wrong messageput onto GTTR, that really sucks for you. Hopefully you will find out soon.

    Does ayon know how many interview days there are for the course this year? I have my interview on Thursday! I cannot believe it is so close :S cramming as much ifo as I can about schools and current issues as I can, think I may have went a bit over board, and I hope I can remember all of the key pointscome my interview :)

  19. How did everyone's interviews go today? Some of the questions I got asked seemed a little strange!
  20. Hi! I had an interview at Dundee today, I felt like it went quite well, but you can never be sure! What questions were you asked? I'm not sure if everyone gets asked the same questions?

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