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pgde primary dundee 2012 entry

Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by escott16, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    I'm at Dundee now and didn't hear about an interview until January for a February interview date.
  2. Hey, I've just had a confirmation email from Dundee about my application today... I applied last year too and heard just before Christmas about an interview in January, so might be a few weeks before we hear anything more. :)
  3. I have applied to Dundee and have also had confirmation of application email. Cant stop checking the email though just incase anything else comes through!
    Fingers crossed! x
  4. OMG!!!

    I know, I cant deal with this waiting. I have applied and received confirmation too. I am totally obsessed with checking my email every day! how sad? lol.

    good luck guys!!
  5. Still checking emails every five minutes. So much so that I had to phne the uni to find out what the state of play was. I was told that regardless of when we submitted application if we are selected for interview some of us might hear before Christmas and if not in January.
  6. Me too!! Very excited.
  7. Your so lucky I have been checking my email and I have nothing it's driving me crazy - good luck with your interview.
  8. That's me just received an email saying I was unsuccessful but can't understand why, I thought I would at least get an interview seeing as I've been doing voluntary work in a school, I'm completely devastated.
  9. Gutted for you.Im still waiting to hear back.Very nervous.
  10. Well done.I still havent heard a peep.Very nerve wracking.
  11. Congrats on getting an interview - I haven't heard yet and am more nervous now I know we should be hearing soon. Fingers crossed and sorry to those who haven't been selected x
  12. munchkin_d89 what kind of experience in schools did you have as I can't understand why I never even got to interview stage when I have experience.
  13. Well I'm currently volunteering two days a week at my local primary school (p5/6) and the headteacher (and class teachers) have been giving me lots of advice and help on the current issues and practices in primary teaching. I'll be continuing with p4s next year until summer. As well as this I am an assistant leader for the local Brownie Guide unit and I used to tutor Standard Grade and Higher English/History. I also for a very short time taught archery to young teens. Tbh apart from my current primary work my experience is all over the place lol.
    I think that my degree might have helped a bit though as it was in English language with a focus on child language aquisition and language teaching.
    On the whole I'm not sure if experience is everything when it comes to who gets interviews. I got an interview last year with very little experience of working with children and the experience I did have was from a few years previous. Really, when it comes down to it, it is probably how well you read on paper. Last time I got an interview with Strathclyde as they were impressed by me and thought I was enthusiastic... but Aberdeen said that I hadn't shown enough proof of an interest in teaching. Goodluck for the future though. Did you have a second choice?
  14. Still havent heard anything from Dundee- is no news good news?I wish theywould let me know!
  15. Congratulations on your interview!
    I'm still waiting - very nervous!
    I didn't realise that you have to do a presentation at Dundee - is that part of the 20 minute interview?
  16. Yes it is.Its only a 3 min presentation.I still havent heard anything yet- nervous!
  17. I'm still waiting too....very very nervous now!
    Have a great Xmas everyone and fingers crossed in the meantime x
  18. Will Dundee get back to the next batch of interviewees next week?Hope so.Waiting isnt much fun.Keep us posted everyone, good luck and Happy New Year.
  19. Hi, I am currently on the PGDE course at Dundee. Last year the interviews were held over 2 days I think. The first round was held on the 20th of January. I had an interview on the second day, the 2nd of February. I wasn't told I had an interview until about the 21st of January, after the first interviews had already taken place. So don't give up, there is time yet for them to get back to you. Good luck!
  20. Thanks for this post it has set my mind to rest a little.
    Are you enjoying the course?
    L x

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