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PGDE Primary booklist for Glasgow University!

Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by fizzyuk, Aug 24, 2011.

  1. Hello,
    I have quite a few of the books on the booklist for the PGDE primary course. They are all new (apart from one) and have only been used once or twice. They were very useful when completing the course, I didn't come across the problem of trying to get these books out from the library when assignments were due as i had my own, whilst everyone else was trying to get hold of teh few copies at university.
    Action Research in the classroom (London 2008) Baumfield, V., Hall, E., et al (RRP £17) - £13
    Supporting Effective Learning (2002) Carnell, E & Lodge, C. (RRP £18) - £14
    Successful Teaching Placement in Scotland (Primary and Early Years) (UK,2008) Medwell, J., & Simpson, F., (RRP £15) - £12
    An introduction to Classroom Observation (2nd edition) (London, 1995) Wragg, E.C. (RRP £23) - £17
    A Teacher's Guide To Classroom Research (Maiden, 2002) Hopkins, D. (RRP £10 - This book was secondhand but in amazing condition) - £7
    Buy these separately or the whole lot for £60!
    Please gte in touch via TES or email me at faiz3185@hotmail.com
    Take care
  2. Just realised i also have new: An ethical approach to practitioner research: Dealing with issues and dilemma in action research (London 2007) Campbell, A &Groundwater-smith, S (RRP £25) - £19

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