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PGDE Physics - Glasgow or Strathclyde

Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by CarlSagan, Jan 5, 2012.

  1. Hi guys and gals,
    I stumbled across this forum whilst doing a little googling.
    in the process of completing my application form (via GTTR) to apply
    for a PGDE, and I'm hoping some student teachers might be able to give
    me any advice, pointers or ideas.
    I'm hoping to apply for both
    Strathclyde and Glasgow university to do physics, both of which,
    according to GTTR, have vacancies. Hopefully my form will be complete in
    a week or so and I can send it off.
    Does anyone have any advice
    or has anyone done these courses before? I'm just glad to find this
    forum where I can chat with people in the same (or close) situation as
    myself. I have no teacher friends or relatives, so it's good to find a
    community where I can ask any questions that pop up.
    Oh, and I'm in my early 30's with an electronics degree and a passion for science (but I'm not a geek! ;))

  2. trout-mad

    trout-mad New commenter

    I am currently on the PGDE course at Strathclyde so can speak with a little experience.

    The only thing to get clear in your mind is how the application process with GTTR works differently compared to UCAS. You need to pick your courses in order of preference.

    Carefully choose which one you want to put first.

    Say you pick Strathclyde, get an interview and get an offer. If you wanted Glasgow to even see your application you must reject the Strath offer with no going back if Glasgow doesn't work out.

    The applications all go sequentially with no turning back. You can't have 2 or 3 offers on the table and pick the one you fancy.
  3. Thanks for that, trout-mad. I'd been told that, and have tailored my applications to reflect that.
    One thing I'm unsure about is applying to SAAS for support. Their website states "You cannot apply online for Postgraduate support. Please contact your institution for an application form."
    Until I know which institution I'll be studying at, doesn't this leave everything a little late? Can you - or anyone - give me a brief run through of the process you followed when applying to SAAS for funding?
    Thanks again in advance :)

  4. vforvendetta

    vforvendetta New commenter

    Just be aware of the appalling job situation. I've been teaching Physics for six years and not a sniff of an interview. Don't believe the hype about physics being a shortage subject. Sorry to rain on your parade.

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