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PGDE Moray House 2012 Facebook group

Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by pauline269, Apr 2, 2012.

  1. Hi all just wondering if there was a facebook group for this years new intake of PGDE applicants? I know there was last year.....anyone?

    P x
  2. I can't find one..someone who knows how to work Facebook groups should just make one! it would be nice to get to see who is on the course before we start.
  3. done if anyone is interested.
    Moray House PGDE 2012

    P x
  4. Hi Pauline,
    Thank you for making a facebook group, this will be a great way to get to know the class and to help one another through this tough year. I have already sent a request to join and hopefully the word will spread.
    Louise x
  5. Great idea, I have sent a request too!
    Gail x
  6. Hi, I just searched for it but could only find last years. Can someone post a link please? Thanks :)
  7. Thanks Pauline, off to find it and join up :)
  8. This is the link to the page;


    Lou x
  9. Hi all its called Moray House PGDE 2012
    Nothing much on it just now so feel free to add to it.....
  10. This has really worked for us on this year's course but one huge big word of warning - do not post anything confidential - probably doesn't need to be said, but you are about to enter a profession and you need to be professional! Keep the group closed and invisible, don't post anything that could come back to bite you - even in the most secret forum! And I am sure Lesley will go over this with you, but if you are using the University name in any way, bear in mind you are not only representing your profession but Edinburgh University too. She's a bit touchy about that.
    On a positive note, the forum has been brilliant for getting to know each other, sharing teaching and uni work resources, organising what social life you have, general chat and the odd moan. x
  11. It has been changed back so you should be able to find it !x
  12. Hi Pauline,

    That's a brilliant idea. I have sent a request to join so hopefully be part of the group soon. Has anybody made a start to the reading? I've just done my first one and worried I'm putting too much information down. Any tips?

    All the best,


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