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Pgde modern studies, strathclyde

Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by HJane, Jan 19, 2012.

  1. Hi there. Was wondering if anyone had heard back from strathclyde yet for this course? I'm currently getting a 'stop' in my decision so just waiting game now.
  2. Hi there. Was wondering if anyone had heard back from strathclyde yet for this course? I'm currently getting a 'stop' in my decision so just waiting game now.
  3. teachaaaaaa

    teachaaaaaa New commenter

    ah i am doing mine next week...what is your topic for presentation? Mine is the Scottish independence debate. I was quite relieved as this is something I have been following closely anyway being a politics geek. But I still need to think which angle to come at it from. I am very nervous too...but it makes total sense to ask us about that as if we get on the course we will be going into probation year in 2013 when this will be looming!

    Good luck! I hope we don't have to wait too long to hear either way!
  4. I've mines a week tomorrow. Have you had yours yet? Mines is on scottish independence too so I'm guessing everyones will be. Will be interesting seeing how everyone manages it and if they will all be similar or not. I'm quite nervous so wi be glad when the presentation part is over with. Anyone any tips ?
  5. Hey, I had an interview for Geography PGDE at strathclyde and got a conditional - yey!
    Big thing is to focus on for the interview is CfE, what your strengths and weaknesses are, your experience - what you learned etc. Coming over professional and passionate too is what they are looking for.
    The whole process wasn't too bad actually. Everyone was very friendly and the other candidates seemed to be interested in everyone else's presentations and were very supportive.
    There is also talk that you will have to teach all the social sciences in some schools, so maybe acknowledge that you know this - i.e. you may need to be able to teach Geography and History, just like I will be required to teach Modern Studies and History, which tbh I know nothiing about but as long as you have the teaching skills you will be able to teach anything!
    Google PGDE interview questions and practice them with someone. That really helped me.
    Good luck and be yourself.
  6. Hi, I have my interview for PGDE modern studies next week and was wondering how the interview and presentation went and if the presentation was infront of alot of applicants or just a few? I am feeling really nervous but hopefully it will be ok. have you got any tips :) ?
  7. Sooo Is there anyoneee at all who has had an offer to go to strath for mod studies next year yet....?
  8. teachaaaaaa

    teachaaaaaa New commenter

    I jus got a conditional offer, I just need to send them confirmation of my degree and Higher English as my case is a little complicated compared to some but thats just a case of popping them in the post - then I got my place!! YAY!
  9. I found out I have an unconditional for PGDE Moddies at Strathy!

    I saw as well teachaaaaaa that you're in SoKo. I was there last year through EPIK in Gyeongsan (near Daegu). Where are you?
  10. teachaaaaaa

    teachaaaaaa New commenter

    wow! Considering the number of Brits in SK,(and how small the number on our course is going to be!) I was thinking it might be something unique to talk about on the course haha but evidently not - it will be wonderful to compare experiences, since now we will be coursemates come August! ^^

    I love Deagu, but actually i am working in a middle school in the northern part of the centre of Seoul at the moment, i live downtown :) and I while I am totally excited to be doing my PGDE I will be so sad to leave, as the funding for foreign teachers in Seoul is being cut and me leaving means I will not be replaced. However I have to move on now...although if anyone knows of any Korean restaurants in Glasgow I will feel better!

    I am a little worried as last summer when I was back Glasgow seemed so 'small' ?? but I am sure the course will help with getting over the reverse culture shock.

    Congrats Cridgey! ^^
  11. Sorry to steal your thunder lol

    There is one restaurant in Glasgow called Shilla. Its on Argyll Street (closer to the West End). Its pretty good although expensive... was about £12 for a bottle of soju! But it was nice food. I miss samgyeupsal though :( I have been told (although I haven't visited yet) that you can get Korean food in SeeWoo, which is a big Asian supermarket. I will probably explore there. Hopefully get me some mandu and kimchi ramyeon to gorge on! ^_^

    Damn I'm hungry now >_<
  12. Hi, I also have an unconditional for Modern Studies. Just wondering if you had any information from Strathclyde Uni yet, giving start dates etc?
  13. teachaaaaaa

    teachaaaaaa New commenter

    Right I think we know where the first course social can go haha, just kidding - I went to a korean restaurant in London about 2 years ago and I said to the woman in Korean "you know I live in Seoul and i know that costs about 1pound there, im not giving you 9 for it, ill give you 4 considering the import prices" and she let me have it!

    I havent had anything yet but to be honest, I was given until March 27th to reply thru track so I am thinking they wont send anything till thy know who has accepted and who (if anyone - after all we did to get on the course!) has declined.

    I heard the record checks take a loooong time so they will have to get us started on that too.

    I asked in my interview (a little presumptuous, but hey it didnt do me any harm!) and was told it would be the 20something of August.

    If anyone wants to set up a FB group or something, I dont mind doing it, let me know! (Gotta make the most of having my last few months of a 4G phone on unlimited data!)
  14. Just spoke to Strathy there and they said the start date is the 27th Aug. Also you have to apply to SAAS for the funding yourself! :)

  15. Hey guys. There is a fb group for all PGDE students at Strathclyde for 2012/2013 if you're interested:


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