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PGDE Maths - Moray House

Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by DougH, May 9, 2007.

  1. Hello all,

    Just wondered if anybody had been accepted for a PGDE secondary to start at Moray House this autumn? I've been fortunate enough to get in to do maths and would welcome the chance to chat with other prospective maths teachers. Be good to get to know people before it all begins in earnest! Cheers, Doug.
  2. Hello all,

    Just wondered if anybody had been accepted for a PGDE secondary to start at Moray House this autumn? I've been fortunate enough to get in to do maths and would welcome the chance to chat with other prospective maths teachers. Be good to get to know people before it all begins in earnest! Cheers, Doug.
  3. Hello there!

    I was wondering when one of these posts would appear. I have a conditional offer into PGDE Maths at Moray House this Autumn as well but I'm pretty confident I'll meet the conditions. ;) Are you from Edinburgh or Edinburgh Uni? Maybe I know you!

  4. Hi Jeremy,

    I only joined the forum this week but was a bit surprised myself not to see more topics on Moray House - maybe it's too early!

    I was at Heriot-Watt for 5 years and have been working full-time since November when I last graduated, so chances are you won't know of me. What conditions do you need to satisfy? Good luck anyway!

  5. I'm just finishing my maths degree now (exams finish May 18th - can't wait!) so the condition is just to show them that I have a degree at the end of June.

    What did you graduate from?


    PS: It'll be good to have someone to copy answers from during the PGDE course. :)
  6. I managed to get an upper second in maths with finance and then did a masters in applied maths for a year - that was a hell of a lot of work! As teachers we have to discourage plagiarism though ;-)

    Good luck with your remaining exams - sure you will be fine!

  7. Wow, I feel so unworthy under your many qualifications! Ah, so you did a maths degree as well! Did you find it incomprehensible most of the time, like I did? :D

    Hey, maybe you can help me. I've been looking around trying to find out how our time will actually be used up during the course. I've seen that the course is made up of 3-blocks: 16, 11 and 9 weeks. Any idea how the blocks are broken down?

  8. Hey Jeremy,

    I have to stress that no amount of qualifications will be any substitute for actually going into a classroom and teaching! On my last school visit a fortnight ago, I was distracted by waiting on Moray House's response (interview was previous day) and must admit that I made some silly mistakes when trying to help pupils in the after school study support session: my MSc wasn't much use to me that day lol!

    With regards the course, there appears to be more theory initially whereas the latter two terms are practical based. However, I'm only basing this on the sheet we were given at the interview outlining the course structure from a previous year, so it may have changed slightly.

    Hope your exams go okay - I'll be thinking of you when I'm slaving away in an office 9-6! Seriously good luck though.

  9. Oh, I know that. I was just emphasising that you have a Masters when most people would rather die!

    Have you any idea what assessments we'll have throughout the course? I recall reading that we'll have a few essays and a couple of presentations.

    I sure hope another MH Maths person shows up here. Finding it hard to believe that it's just us two taking the course!
  10. Sorry - I knew what you meant but didn't want to come across as big-headed!

    As for the course assessments, I guess we'll find out more about them once the term gets underway. Trying not to think about it too much until i've got everything finalised with Moray House. So many things to send away and am currently waiting on a signed passport photo coming through the post so I can finally send off my disclosure check stuff.

    Have to say I'm looking forward to getting started - it would be good, like you say, if more people post on here so that we can get to know future colleagues/buddies in advance. I think towards June/July a lot more people will realise about this forum! Fingers crossed, Doug.
  11. Hi, I also have a conditional place at Moray House for secondary maths in August. Just need to finish my exams first! Currently in 4th year at Heriot Watt doing maths.
    Glad to find other people on here!
  12. Yaaaaay!

    Hope you're looking forward to it as much as we are! :D What's your conditional offer?

    Good luck with your exams! I can't wait till Friday for my exams to be over~! No more exams for the rest of my life - except the exams the pupils will sit!
  13. My conditions were:
    Forwarding transcripts of school/uni grades (done)
    Obtaining a disclosure (done)
    Graduating with a degree (almost there!)

    I'm finishing my honours exams, so I guess I just have to physically graduate with a degree now! Exams start May 28th and finish June 8th. Cannot wait until they are done!
  14. Hi Jennifer,

    Very relieved to see another person post on here - hopefully more will follow!

    Good luck with your remaining finals: I remember making the long walk to the Colin McLaurin building to find out my degree result like it was yesterday!

    Let me know how you get on (that goes for Jeremy as well!)

  15. Imagine an (x,f(x)) plane, where f(x)=1/x is my level of happiness. I am about f(0) right now because I just finished my last exam! I have been waiting for this day for a long time!

    Good luck again with your exams Jennifer. It'll all be over before you know it!

    Doug, thanks for your "good luck". I'm sure it helped! So, that was a gruelling 4 weeks. How did they go? The exams seemed to be a lot harder than normal this year (especially compared to last year) so I think I'm heading for a borderline 2:2/2:1. Yikes!

    I used to hate the Edinburgh University semester timetable but now that I'm finished, I quite like it. :p
  16. Must be such a relief that they are over. Mine haven't even started, I'm so jealous!

    Thank you both for the good luck wishes. Now Jeremy, I hope you are hitting the town tonight to celebrate the end of the exams!

  17. Actually, I ended up working (just got back)! A guy needs money to survive! >_< Also, I'm completely fried. I think some relaxation time is in order. Still need to read the 6th Harry Potter book. ^_^

    Jeremy (<-- this is rather formal?)
  18. Jeremy what is the structure of 4th year like at Edinburgh Uni?

    I'm just curious as 4th year maths at HW consists of 8 modules in total. One module is a project which is graded on 100% coursework and the 7 remaining modules are graded 100% on examinations in May/June. Thankfully these 7 modules are divided into 4 exams and not 7 individual exams!
  19. Oh, hmm, err, this might take a while to explain! Actually, I'll just simplify it.

    We need to make up 120 points by choosing whatever courses we want - some are worth 10 points and others are worth 20 points. There's a couple of modules which are 100% coursework, a couple which are 30/70 coursework/exam, and most courses are 100% exam.

    I went for: 20 points coursework, two 20 point examinable courses, and the rest were 10 point examinable courses, which made for 8 exams and a lot of stress!

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