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PGDE in Scotland, probationary year in England?

Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by Englishgirl8, Feb 23, 2011.

  1. I have a place on a PGDE course at Strathclyde, starting in August '11. Can I do complete this but then do my probationary year in England? Are there any implications in doing this?
  2. I have a place on a PGDE course at Strathclyde, starting in August '11. Can I do complete this but then do my probationary year in England? Are there any implications in doing this?
  3. Doing your probation in England - or anywhere other than Scotland - won't count towards achieving full Scottish registration.
  4. I was advised by GTC(S) that work in England (I live just over the Border) will count equally towards the alternative route. In your case it's going to be complicated by the demise of GTC(E). In the event, all my service has been in Scotland, so I haven't had to address the Engish question on my paperwork. I suspect the Scottish forms would look very odd to the English teachers I know, and put them off or make them find 'jobsworth' excuses as to why they couldn't fill them in.
    The current situation is (in decreasing order of easiness):
    1) Get onto the Induction Scheme: guaranteed work for a year and (all being well) Full Registration after 3 terms of a reduced timetable. You can then transfer your Full Registration to the GTC(E).
    2) Work a full timetable for 4 terms in England, get Full Registration from GTC(S), and transfer your full registration across the GTC(E). Supply work - even the odd day DOES count towards the Alternative Route. However, you need to be provisionally registered in England to work in state schools here.
    3) Get provisional registration from GTC(E) and try and find work in England to meet the English requirements for full registration. That's a year, possibly with a reduced timetable: I don't know the details of how to do this, as it wasn't going to suit me. However I do know that supply teaching of less than a term does NOT count, so it can take ages. You'd then be able to transfer your English Registration back to the GTC(S), but I'm not sure if you'd then have to jump through an extra hoop or two. You might find yourself passed over at job selection/interviews because your ITE hasn't groomed you for the National Curriculum. Perhaps do some research and visit an English school? They don't break up until the end of July so you could use the start of the summer hols to do that...
    That's about it as far as I know. The people at GTC(S) were very helpful when I asked for information, and I suggest you enquire there. Of course, GTC(E)'s days are numbered, which makes it hard to predict what the English situation will actually be... But (I get mailings from them) there is NO suggestion that there will be an unregulated free-for-all when it goes; its functions will be taken on by the DfE instead, perhaps in a simpler or more autocratic form.

    Hope this helps! If I had been eligible for the Induction scheme, I'd have done it, no matter having to get digs away from my family through the week. I'd have found a way to make it work!
  5. Are you doing PGDE Primary? I also start at University of Strathclyde in August! I am from Northern Ireland and wondered about the probationary year, but this is easily solved because there are ZERO jobs in NI for primary teachers, unless you have a years experience.
  6. Hi yes I am! Nice to hear from someone else who will be on the same course! Did a lady called Fiona take your interview back in February? I ask because I remember speaking briefly to some one from N. I. Are you excited to start because I know I am. I wish they would send out the information packs soon!

  7. Fiona rings a bell actually! I was on the Thursday morning! I know- I am dying to get mine! Just getting a flat sorted at the minute, moving over in August, nervous about the move but excited to meet everyone and get settled in! :)

  8. Hey all!
    I'm starting Strathclyde to but I am going into Secondary PGDE in computing (woot!)
    I'm English as well and from what I was told your placement is in Scotland as it is the Scottish government that will be paying you and not count as fully qualified in Scotland.

    You basically get a sheet with where you would like to go in Scotland and they offer you 6k-8k ( can't remember roughly) if you tick the random box but that could mean highlands or one of the islands basically places they have difficulty filling. It maybe Glasgow if your very very lucky but its doubtful.

    Best bet is talking to your tutors when you start they are the ones that will give you the best advice!

    As for me I'm looking for a room at the moment to it's a nightmare! especially when Student Finance England is taking their sweet time also....

    So if people are thinking about perhaps getting a flat together closer to Jordanhill then give me a shout!
  9. Hey when you say they give you 6-8k is that EXTRA? I am unsure how pay works during our probationary year, what is the salary? :-/ Thanks
  10. That's only if you tick that you don't mind where you go. So your likely to be in the highlands or somewhere a bit more remote as that is perhaps where they are short on places, and you wont get a choice which authority to work under. It's something you need to talk to with your tutors.

    The salary is currently £21k Perhaps a bit more can't remember to be honest but this might change by the time we get there.
  11. amysdad

    amysdad Occasional commenter

    It's actually not that random - as I understand it you're as likely to get Glasgow as you are Highland. Incidentally, the £6000 could probably just about cover your rent for a year in some of the Highland areas, so you could end up better off than someone picking Glasgow.
    Did you not get the mailing from Strathclyde about accomodation? I got it a couple of months ago - there are student residences available.
  12. It be like christmas and be a nice suprise! haha

    Not yet but if there is I'll be a very happy bunny!

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