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PGDE English Glasgow - the waiting game!

Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by ditavontstop, Mar 3, 2012.

  1. I had my interview on Friday (2nd March) and already cannot stand waiting any longer to find out whether I've been accepted or not! I feel like the interview went well - much better than expected. But I am now worrying that I didn't relate my individual interview answers back to my experience well enough and that this might hinder me. I did talk about my current school placement and the fact I'm a youth club leader for Arts+Crafts etc but I felt like I could have or should have said more. We were given a 15 minute time limit though so maybe I did all I could...
    Was anyone else at the same interview as me? Or is there anyone else waiting on a reply or anyone that has already been accepted?
    I'm keeping all my fingers & toes crossed and hoping I get in!!

    - Erin.
  2. Hi, I had mine yesterday afternoon! I really have no clue how it went, I feel like I just talked too much rubbish. Did they give you any idea how well u got on? I don't think we'll hear until the end of the week earliest.

  3. I was in the morning group. They didn't really give any indication of how well (or not!) I got on. During the group discussion I was sitting nearest the subject leader and I did notice a lot of ticks against my name so I think I did well there. But then again, everyone else seemed to have a lot of ticks too!! I don't think I did any better than the others in my group but I certainly don't feel like I did worse.
    Were there many folk for English in the afternoon slot?

    & good luck btw!!
  4. They didnt give anything away at ours either, but i know other people that were pretty much told on the day. There was about eight people for English in the afternoon. It's such a ling wait, its horrible. I felt the group exercise went well. I just don't know about the one to one, don't feel I really got the chance to talk about the things I had studied.

    Good luck :) x

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