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Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by Mackem85, Dec 27, 2011.

  1. Mackem85

    Mackem85 New commenter

    I am currently on a SCITT that registers you on a PGCE through a third party institution. In order to qualify for the PGCE we need to complete three assignments. Unfortunately due to personal circumstances, I have been struggling to find the time to complete one of the assignments before the hand in date. I was thinking of asking for an extension, however I could encounter the same problem with other assignments. It is possible to withdraw from the PGCE without it affecting QTS status from the SCITT course.

    I was wondering if withdrawing from the PGCE would affect my chances in the future? I will still have QTS from the SCITT course, but am concerned if not having the PGCE could hinder me in the future?
  2. The main problem comes in working abroad. Places like America, Australia, etc don't accept GTP/SCITT
  3. MizUnderstood

    MizUnderstood New commenter

    It's not that they don't accept GTP/SCITT it's that they don't accept Professional Graduate PGCEs over the Post Graduate PGCEs, which depends entirely on the qualification the provider is offering.
    Many provider's (including my own SCITT, and lots of Uni based PGCE courses) have the dual option, we either pass at Professional Grad level with 30 Masters credits or pass at Post Grad with 60 Masters credits, either way it's called a PGCE with QTS and will only become an issue for trying to work in certain countries.
    To the OP - I think with my course that if we don't pass at Prof Grad level then we fail the course entirely, I don't think we can pass the course with QTS without having reached at least that level on the assignments, but I may have missed something in the small print. The best person to ask for your particular course would be your course manager/senior tutor.
  4. Captain Obvious

    Captain Obvious New commenter

    Have you let them know already? The key thing is to make sure you're discussing with your provider what your options are. They are likely to be a bit wary if you spring this on them well after it became an issue (and the deadline approaches).

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