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PGCE with Robert Owen Society 2011-12

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by Blom555, May 10, 2011.

  1. Is there anyone starting a PGCE with Robert Owen Society in 2011-12?
    It would be nice to know some people before starting in September and discussing issues etc.

  2. Hi zoetaylor69,
    Have you heard anything yet? Hope you got in.
  3. How are you all getting on with Studentfinance England? They have not yet finalised my application for financial support as they say the Robert Owen Society have not updated the database with their details. I have spoken to a really helpful lady at ROS who assured me the issue is with Student Finance. I'm just wondering if anyone else is having a similar problem.
  4. Hi,
    I have also now heard - I'm really excited. Can't wait to hear from ROS now with some course information etc.
    I'm hoping my finance application will be sorted soon too so we know what we are getting in the way of money. I have three children so need to get my childcare sorted!

  5. Hi Guzzy-bear,
    I'm travelling from North Shropshire. Quite a long journey for me but understand that we are there for first 4 weeks and then only once a week for a few more weeks. I was told at interview that after half term we are in school 5 days a week. I'm hoping my placements are not too far from home. That way the travelling to Bromyard will not be so bad.
  6. Quite relieved to here I'm not the only one! I was told the same thing by student finance, apparently after speaking to ROS, finance need to put 'The' in front of Robert Owen to recognise on their database. Despite several phone calls I'm still waiting!

    I'm starting Early Years/Primary PGCE in September too! Look forward to seeing you.
  7. Hi Alichambers19,
    It's great to hear from someone else who is doing PGCE with the Robert Owen Group. I am having an absolute nightmare with Student Finance. I think I have resolved the issue with the database now but they are not processing my application because they keep telling me that I need to send them a completed declaration of identity form. I sent this with my original application and they have confirmed on numerous occasions that they have it but nobody appears to be telling the computer that so nothing is happening - GRRRR!
    Have you heard anything from the Robert Owen Group since having your offer?
    Looking forward to meeting you in September.
  8. Hi Ruth/Ali,
    I have an interview with the ROG next Tuesday after waiting a hellishly long time to hear. I was just looking for some advice on the presentation aspect? Is it intended to be an interactive lesson with the panel or just a presentation to them?
    Seems a bit weird to be treating the interview panel as 5 year olds... eek!
  9. Hi Suzanne,
    The information I had in relation to the interview said to plan and prepare to teach/present to a small group of 6-8 KS1 children or the interview panel. I did an interactive lesson. I was really nervous about the interview but it was really quite relaxed and nothing to worry about. The panel were friendly and the time just flew. Treating grown-ups as 5/6 year olds was quite weird!
    Good Luck.

  10. Ah good stuff! Thanks for replying!
    Were they fairly easy going in playing along with the interactive stuff?
    I'm thinking of doing a session on the Space shuttle launch, first talking about the sky and what you can see etc, then moving on to what you can't see and the space shuttle, getting them to sit in the take off positions, discussing how they would feel if they were astronauts in the shuttle etc
    Do you think this would go down well?
    Was there anything available in terms of media? It'd be nice to be able to show a video/audio of the countdown to set the mood a little more..
  11. Hi Suzanne,
    I didn't use any media but it might be worth giving them a ring to see if there is anything available. The interview and presentation were in a room which appeared to be used for taught sessions so I would imagine there would be an interactive whiteboard and projector but I might be wrong. I was so nervous about doing the lesson and the interview I didn't notice much about what was around me.
    They were very good at responding and participating. I'm sure you and they will enjoy it.
  12. Thanks again Ruth!
    Sorry to keep on with the questions but the written piece- was it a set topic or just a "write about anything" sort of piece?

  13. Hi,
    It was an evaluation of the 10 minute presentation/lesson and there was a prompt sheet to help with that evaluation. There were also 3 tests - literacy, numeracy and science. They were all fine - not too difficult. We were told before we started that they were just to identify any gaps in our knowledge which we could then address before the course start.
    During the interview we were also asked to read aloud a poem which we were handed during the interview, so very little time to prepare. I spent a few minutes reading it through to myself before reading it aloud.
    I hope this helps. It really was much less stressful than I had anticipated.
  14. Hi Suzanne,
    Is your interview tomorrow? Good luck.
  15. Hi there Ruth!
    Thanks for all your help, I had my interview yesterday and it really put me at ease to have been in contact with someone who had gone through it already.
    I think it went really well, was chatting away with the interviewers about all sorts of things. I'll hopefully hear within the week but I feel like unless I failed the tests completely, I'm in with a good chance.
    I'll let you know when I hear
  16. Hi Suzanne,

    I'm glad your day went well. Did they say anything about course start dates etc. ?
    I will keep my fingers crossed for you.
  17. I called them today because I forgot to ask at interview. The registration day is 7th Sept and the 2 weeks of induction begin on the 12th.
  18. Hurrah! I got a call to confirm that I have a place on the course. [​IMG]
  19. Brilliant news - well done!
  20. Hi,
    I've had a letter today confirming the registration date of 7th September and course start 12th September - it is all becoming much more of a reality now!!
    Just spent a fortune on Amazon ordering books!

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