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PGCE with no school experience

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by ally2900, Oct 30, 2018.

  1. ally2900

    ally2900 New commenter

    Hello All,

    So, long story short, I applied a couple of years ago to a PGCE - was accepted but couldn't do the course at the time due to family circumstances. Fast forward a couple of years and here am I - thinking about reapplying.

    I was told when I sent an email last week that due to a change in education, gaining relevant school experience is no longer a requirement for the course. I do have some school local and International teaching experience but that was a while ago.

    Would you advise me to get more experience prior to starting the course? Or do you think it's best that I start to read up on the curriculum? Just seems to me that the standards for these courses is, dare I say it, 'slipping'. I remember when my friend applied over 10 years ago and there was so much she had to do to get onto the course and everyone used to talk about how competitive it was...
  2. MrMedia

    MrMedia Star commenter

    No, get your application in. You’ll never get paid as much as you do now so long as you are secondary and an EBACC subject.

    School experience is not mandatory, but desirable.

    You are correct, when the pension age was 60 and the salary was ten years ago the same as it is today except inflation has eaten the value away, people were applying in droves. Proper degrees, experience, absolutely.

    Today, with vile management practice commonplace, a pension age of 67 and capability used to 'move' out expensive people you find not such the overwhelming numbers. So the answer has been eye watering bursaries. It’s a short term game because they don’t stay.

    The job is slowly going back to the one we enjoyed. Slowly. Immoral managers and leaders are still commonplace, but there is less tolerance of them. The pay is good if you are in your twenties and you get HOD or HOY because all the old folks have been moved on. There is less subject knowledge in the system. That’s for sure. In most subjects the standard of teacher is still pretty good. In those subjects that have been scraping the barrel for years it’s variable at best.

    Once you get your place you can get another week or two of school experience. Get your application in pronto. We’re already interviewing for next year.
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  3. ally2900

    ally2900 New commenter

    Hi there

    Thanks for your response @MrMedia. It's actually primary I will be applying for. Having said that, I don't plan on staying in the UK to teach long-term. I lived in Asia for a while so would like to return there soon after.

    I'm happy to hear teaching is slowly returning back to what is what it was here. Will get my application in this evening and hope for the best! :)
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  4. MrMedia

    MrMedia Star commenter

    Oh you’ll be fine then. They can’t recruit enough primary PG either. With some experience you’ll be a shoo in. Nothing wrong with working abroad after a PG. My old students report that good international schools in Asia are lovely to work in.
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