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PGCE Waiting List

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by Passeyman, Feb 11, 2011.

  1. When I decided I wanted to be a teacher I expected it to be a rocky journey; I expected rejection, hard work/long hours, and the prospect of living on little money. In December I had an interview for a PGCE in London, which was my first choice, here they had already filled half the spaces (of which there were only 13 spaces), lest to say I was unsuccesful but did manage to get on the reserve list. Though I find that due to the cuts people who were offered places didn't get one, the TDA halved thier allocation.
    In january I tried cornwall, where I was immediately rejected (from what I hear they had places cut down to 5). Then I tried Leicester, and have earned another interview which is set for the fist week of March. However I recieve a letter this morning saying that this is now for a waiting list spot only. From what I understand there has been an overall 15% cut in funding to secondary training. It is so disheartening to not even have a running chance of getting on a course. I am speanding a lot of money to gain voluntary experience and attend these interviews, as i currently live in shropshire.
    Now I am in despair, ofcourse I will keep trying to get on any course, but as vacancies fill up it becomes less likely I will get on for September 2011. Now I have the pleasure of looking forward to a fee rise for 2012 entry, and the possibility that I will drain what I had saved for this academic year on living expenses whilst working/living for another year. It's hard enough in the living hell of the current economy, job market and living standards available for young people thanks to this governments policy.
    Thanks Gove.

  2. Was it CSSD you went for? If it makes you feel any better I got an offer but might still lose it due to the cut that has happenned.
  3. I feel your pain! I live in Shropshire too and was hoping to go somewhere local because of the bursary cut and then I could live with my parents for the year. Nothing's really worked out and the whole thing is a bit of a nightmare!
  4. Georgia99 I think you mis understood my comment. I live near London so for me to move to Cornwall would actually cost me more money when I can live at home for free. I want to work in inner city London schools so to go to train in Cornwall would not reflect the actual schools I want to work in. Of course you have to be flexible with being a teacher but financially it would not work for me or my boyfriend or my family that are supporting me, Some things have to come first.

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