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PGCE to GTP - possible?

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by Miffin, Jun 22, 2011.

  1. I've just got a place on a PGCE course, which is brilliant, but I'm very concerned about funding. It's in Music, so there's no grant available, and I've been told I won't be able to work part time (going to have to give it a go or I'll starve!) does anyone know if it's possible to switch from a PGCE to a GTP, if I get halfway through and can't fund it any longer? I wanted to apply for GTPs originally, but knew that with my lack of experience I would be unlikely to get a place.
  2. wkclark

    wkclark New commenter

    Not that I profess to be an expert, but these are two very different routes into teaching. My understanding is that they don't overlap. It wouldn't simply be a case of switching from one to the other. The only possibility I would see with this for you would be to drop out
    of the PGCE and apply for the following year's intake of GTP... You
    might have a bit more experience at that point, and so might be a bit
    more likely to be succesful, but you run the gambit of not being
    accepted onto a GTP course.
    I do not know how possible it is to restart the PGCE either...
    There are loans, etc available to help fund the PGCE. Maybe you should look into that.
  3. Many GTP providers expect you to find your own placement school before applying, and it's very unlikely this late in the day to be able to find somewhere for September.
    I phoned around 40+ schools on my local GTP providers 'partnership' list for September 2010 in around January 2010, and out of those only 2 were offering GTP placements for Sept 2010 and they were both already taken by someone who had worked within the schools for a while.
    When I called the uni to say "Why are your GTP partnership schools not offering GTPs?" I was told that the partnership list was all schools that the uni had dealings with but it could be as PGCE training schools and that they didn't seperate the lists out!!
    After making so many phone calls I felt it wasn't even worth trying this year, especially with so many cut backs (the school has to pay you then claim it back so for some schools they just don't have that room for an extra wage in their budget) and so I applied for the PGCE instead, thankfully I got a place with my first choice provider! I didn't want to chance spending the next few years waiting for a placement to come up and although I am taking a huge risk doing it this way financially I didn't want to risk waiting and then ending up with triple PGCE fees if I still couldn't find a GTP.
    Good luck in your decision, it might be worth seeing if there are any GTPs left out there, but personally I wouldn't give up my place on my PGCE unless I had a definate offer of a GTP as the fee increase will far outweigh the debt of this year!
  4. p.s. If you are considering working abroad not all countries accept a GTP so please research it really carefully!
  5. I would do the PGCE now. It is probably going to be significantly more expensive next year. Can you get a career development loan? Mum and Dad? Changing to GTP mid-year, I would imagine is impossible due to huge administrative hurdles.

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