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PGCE teaching RE or PE- can't make mind up.

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by qmaq26, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. Hello everyone this is my first post so naturally I will have lots to ask you guys. So here goes. I graduated with a degree in Sports studies in 2007. On finishing my degree I was successful in obtaining my first job as a sports development officer. I worked with young people and adults in the community to set up provisions in physical activity and sports. I also worked in local authority and the health service setting up health and wellbeing projects for communities. My experience in all this has led me in to my current post as a community health researcher and Health Education Tutor teaching adults. The organisation I work for is th Workers Education Association (WEA) a national organisation working with adult learners. First of all I was interested in doing the post compulsory education in further education teaching sports. But after reading and researching FE on this site I have my doubts. FE is not what I thought it would be in terms of the job prospects. I was wondering if their are any FE lecturers who can give me an insight in to FE and how stable it is and if it's a good idea to go in too? I was so committed to teaching in FE that I also completed the PTTLS course but now I think this was a pointless task. I have also thought about the PGCE secondary teaching in PE. However this seems very competive and obtaining a job at the end of it seems very bleak. Although I have experience working in schools coaching sports and worked as a youth worker for a year and a half but I do not have any experience teaching in school. Will this be a disadvantage to me or with the experience I have working with young people in a non education setting help my chances? Failing that the other option I have at my disposal is teaching a shortage subject such as RE. I have a postgraduate certificate in Religious Studies so this entitles me to progress on to a PGCE in RE without having a degree in RE. Can someone please tell me if RE is still a shortage subject and in demand? What are the job prospects like after completing a PGCE? And also if I took the RE route can I still teach PE as a second subject or even apply for PE teaching posts in secondary and further education. I really passionate about both subjects as I feel I have a good understanding of both subjects. I would really appreciate getting some expert advice and putting me in the right direction. Thanks.
  2. san38

    san38 New commenter

    Hi, I'm a head of RE and have to say the future of RE is not looking too good at the moment. I don't think it is any longer counted as a shortage subject and there are certainly not the jobs that there once were. As the G'vt have not included RE in the Ebac, many school are ditching RE qualifications although this may well change in the future. I suggest you look at recent posts about RE PGCEs and the Ebac before deciding. It is certainly possible to teach more than one subject although not likely that these 2 subjects would be advertised together. more likely you might get a job teaching one and get to teach the other if any 'fill in' is required on the timetable. RE training placements have been cut by a third this year. Sorry, don't know much about the PE option. Good luck.
  3. RE is no longer a shortage subject - my inability to secure a teaching job after qualifying is just one example of many! There have been a lot of RE jobs advertised this year, but the competition has been pretty fierce, the only interview I was invited to had 70 applicants. In both of my placement schools there was a surplus in the humanities department of history and geography teachers and a deficit in RE teachers...with the exclusion from the EBacc we don't seem to be in vogue anymore (if we ever were!) and a lot of RE teaching is being used to 'fill up' other teacher's timetables.
  4. To be brutally frank I wouldn't short list anybody who did not have a relevant degree, RE teachers are in surplus now, as other posters have indicated. You would be up against people with at least a relevant BA if not higher degrees, if I were you I'd stick with the PE but stress an interest in the relationship between the physical and the spiritual and back it up with teaching yoga or a martial art with a spiritual theme. Offer to get involved with collective worship, or whatever passes for it and try to build cross curricular links between PE & RE, you will soon get sucked into the RE timetable!

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