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Pgce,Teaching advice needed please

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by saffiex, Nov 12, 2011.

  1. Hi,

    A couple of years ago I finally took the plunge in applying for the PGCE Secondary ICT course.  However, since then I have been blessed with a baby and so deferred my place to start this January but on the Flexible route instead. 

    With the new addition in my life to think about I am now unsure whether I will be able to cope with the demands of the PGCE aswell as life generally as a teacher once qualified (providing I can get a job that is!!)  I am not afraid of hard work and always love a challenge but wonder whether I will have time for my family.  I don't want teaching to take over my life. It is this aspect that really worries me.  I regret not doing the course before when I did not have commitments. But on a positive note atleast I have industry experience and have developed so much as an individual from that naive student I once was!

    If I didn't have the little one to think about I still would've gone for it and experienced things for myself.  However, with a 9 month old baby to look after I am really confused about starting the course. She still doesn't sleep through the night and after reading so many negative posts, I just really wonder whether my life will become living hell if I start the course?  But on the other hand if I don't do the course now, there will probably never be a good time and don't want to regret taking up the opportunity.

    I have chosen to take the flexible route option to make life a little bit easier as I can spread the training out over three years.  I have also managed to sort out my first placement at a School very close to me, so I don't have to worry about the commute.  

    I would really love to hear from anyone who did the course with children aswell as anyone who took the flexible route option. 

    I know it is only me that can make the decision but any advice/thoughts/experiences will be much appreciated.  
  2. F1sydney

    F1sydney New commenter

    Hi, I don't think you will find the uni side a problem especially on a flexi route, however, once you are on school placements you have to remember that you may need to be in school at 8.00am until 5.00/5.30pm and then possibly work at home during evenings and weekends. Depending on what university you will be at; a second placement can last for 12 weeks. So I guess you have to decide if you can manage the hours for that length of time. Of course once you have the PGCE under your belt you may be able to do supply or wait until your little one is in school before you take the plunge and decide to teach full -time. Good luck whatever you decide on.
  3. Hi there :) Only you can decide what will be best for you, BUT I would just say from someone who didn't do this when her kids were young that it will probably be much easier (honestly!) to do it now rather than when your child/children are older. I have just finished a degree and am applying for a PGDE in Scotland and my children are now 10 and 13 and in a way they are much more demanding now than when they are little and their needs are different. I do understand that it's a hard thing to decide though, but it might be better to get it over and done now?... and remember, when you get finished and the kids are off to school, teaching will fit in nicely around their schooling too! hth x

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