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PGCE Student and have to write report for 3 nursery children

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by thumbshrew, Jun 10, 2011.

  1. Perhaps you should bear in mind that the reports are about children, not about some sort of units being conveyed from one conveyor belt to the next, being inspected for quality control. Then you might be able to engage with parents on their level, as persons passionately concerned with the social, emotional and intellectual well-being of other people of supreme importance to them.
  2. boatmanco

    boatmanco New commenter

    That was very harsh Thumbie!!
    This is from a student looking for help!
    My advice, although slightly less critical is similar. You do need to think about each child. Use the EYFS to guide you and start with the statements in there. You can then tailor each report according ot the child's strengths and then comment on what the may do next -next steps. The Reception teacher wants a general overview but a parent will wantto know some specifics like:
    "Sarah is beginning to hold her pencil correctly to form recognisable letters. She just needs to remember where she starts each letter. To help with the transtition to school, Sarah needs to practise writing her name in lower case letters at home. This will give her added confidence when she starts school". etc etc
    I hope that is more helpful.
  3. Harsh? To whom? The children concerned? The parents? The student, who wanted advice, and got it?
  4. You will need to remember that we are talking about first reports and as EYFS states the children are in working either in 30-50m or 40-60m level. Either level is appropriate for this age. When I am writing a report of these youngest ones, I make sure that I will tell what the child really likes doing, what are their strenghts and and then polish over some things by saying, "Sarah has been practicing..."
    In our LEA we will pass the highlighted developmental matters to the next teacher, so they will have a clear understanding where the child is in their development.
  5. euuurrrrrgh, reports *shudder*
    I had a final year student in nursery with me this year and she had to complete similar reports, which she then fed back to parents. My advice to her was to think about that child. Think about what they like to play with, who their friends are, what their behaviour is like, what their attitude to other adults / children is like, their general disposition, etc. THEN, when you have really thought about that particular child, you start to write the reports, with a comment in each area of learning. It makes report writing so much easier!!
    I use the same approach after a long time teaching and it is very useful. I've almost finished writing this year's reports. I always write a child's whole report rather than just doing all the PSED comments, for example. I know some teachers who work that way and it works for them, but it's not a way I can work.
    A comment from me could state "Bob loves to play outside in the nursery garden. He uses the climbing frames to experiment with different ways of moving and is really good at balancing. Bob has had to learn how to take turns using the bikes but is now happy to be a passenger as well as a driver"
    I find that this tells the parent something about what their child gets up to at nursery but also informs the next teacher to keep an eye on the turn taking!
    OP, if you want to send me a personal message, I'd be happy to email across a few sample reports that I keep, which I also give to my own students who are completing similar tasks. All child names taken out of course.

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