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PGCE Strathclyde Intake 2011/12

Discussion in 'Primary' started by acrawley1, Feb 7, 2011.

  1. Hi Folks,
    I had my interview for the Primary PGDE at Strathclyde on Friday (4 Feb). I just wondered how everyone else was feeling?
    I have to say, while it came as no great surprise, that the number of applications was high this year - 800 applicants. The fact that only 400 recieved an interview for 140 places scares me to no end!
    Whilst I feel very privileged to have been given the opportunity to attend the interview, this (alike many others I spoke to) was not my first attempt...
    I applied pre-graduation in 2009 and was hopeful and (perhaps deluded) at the promise of continuing my career/professional studies. Since graduating, I've worked for a large education travel provider based down south, with the aspiration of returning to Strathclyde with yet more experience.
    The format of a 15 minute interview has not changed, however I felt much more relaxed this time and the questions were fairly similar to before.
    Despite the hours of preparation, I still managed to do 1,000 words per minute, in a bid to cram in as much experience/knowledge & understanding as possible to every answer... probably a bit much.
    I get nervous.
    I (at least) HOPE that I was able to convey enough of my enthusiam and experience in a coherent manner. It just never seems long enough to demonstrate experience, willing, and capability all at once. However, I remain hopeful that I at least managed to get most of this across with understanding.
    This course itself seems to improve year on year. The prospect of Masters, and the ever-expanding extra studies that can be taken, affirms that I do not want to attend another institution.
    However, the reality of 140 places, does leaving me feeling a little despondent in reflection. Anyway, I'd be interested to know how anyone else who attended felt this year, and when people start hearing back?
    I think they were going to start sending decisions out this week...
    I await in trepedation...
  2. Hi there, I have my interview on the 4th of March. I was told that there is possibility of group discussions/presentations....I take it this was not the case for you? I too will struggle to get my expereince across in 15mins and am shocked that they will interview that many people for 140 places. Oh dear, will carry on with my revision and try and keep my chin up!! Good luck, let me know how you get on....
  3. Hi lucky,
    I didn't realise they were running interview right up until March. (This actually gives me some hope... ) I think presentations are required for secondary, but for primary at Strathclyde it has been a 15 minute interview for the last few years.
    In spite of my nerves, 15 minutes still seems like a long time when you're in there, but it's just trying to get the best of yourself across. My advice is to prepare as much as you can, as the questions vary slightly & they will tailor them to things you have put in your applications.
    So in a way, it gives you a real chance to sell yourself, and really apply you knowledge & skills. I am sure you will be fine. Keep your chin up, it won't be long in coming round!

  4. Hi acrawley,i too was there fri 4th feb,did you hear that we were being notified this week
    i.e week beg : mon 7th feb,i must have missed that,is it by letter or by checking track?

  5. Hi just wondering if anyone has heard back from Stratchlyde this week? I had interview last Thursday aswell & am desperate to know the outcome!! xx

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