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PGCE Secondary Interview at Swansea Metropolitan University

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by roselove1985, Feb 20, 2011.

  1. Hi everyone I have an interview in March at Swansea Metropolitan University and on the letter I received it said you may be asked to complete an oral exercise or written task. I wondered if anyone has had a interview here and knows what it entails as the letter was quite vague.
  2. Hi, Ive got an interview next week at Swansea Met. Can you give me any tips as to what the day involves.
  3. I had an interview at Swansea Met for Secondary English in February and the letter I received said the same. When I arrived my friend showed me to the PGCE office (which is miles away from the entrance - good luck finding it on your own, I got lost for about ten minutes on the way back out) and I handed in all my GCSE and Degree documentation. The guy who handles all the admin stuff was a right miserable git and grumbled about having loads of work to do, even though I was meant to be there, just so you know. I then waited outside for quite a while with three other people while the woman who was to interview us tried to find a room.

    Once we got to the room we sat around a table while the English lecturer described what the course entails and told us how many places they had left etc. She was very frank about the workload and our chances of being offered a place, but she was also lovely and friendly so it wasn't at all daunting.

    After the talk we were given some time to complete two reading / writing / comprehension tasks. I can't remember the exact time, but she negotiated it with us, and when the time was up but one guy hadn't finished she let us have some extra time. For English, the tasks were as follows:

    1 - We were given an extract from a Charles Dickens novel and had to write a response talking about what impression Dickens wanted us to take away about the main character. This was a little confusing as it mentioned being a GCSE level task but I wasn't sure if we should write our answers at degree level, or write what a GCSE student would think. I just did it degree style in the end and that's what everyone else seemed to do.

    2 - We were given an extract of writing from a piece of fiction which had completely messed up grammar and punctuation and we had to correct it.

    After the written tasks we were interviewed individually, with the lecturer making arrangements for those of us who had other commitments / travel to go first. The interview was only semi-formal - we were in her office and we talked about a lot of other things than just the course.

    Questions ranged from why I want to teach at Secondary level, to what I expect it to be like, to which subjects I specialised in at Uni and how I would teach a Shakespeare play of my choice.

    I was told that they'd make their decision by the end of the day and then they would pass this on to GTTR by the end of the week (this was on Thursday morning), so I should hear from them in two weeks or so. They also said that they'd be sending out letters, since that would be faster than Track, but I'm not sure if this was just for those who were successful.

    For what it's worth, I withdrew my application for Swansea Met after being offered a place on a PCET course in Cardiff Uni, but I'm glad I didn't have to go there as I really didn't like the atmosphere there at all. NB - I am pretty biased in my opinion of Swansea, having grown up there, so hopefully you'll get in and love it! I hope this helps. Out of curiosity, which subject have you both applied for?

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