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PGCE Secondary English Interview University of Bath

Discussion in 'English' started by TJAMK, Feb 7, 2012.

  1. TJAMK

    TJAMK New commenter

    Don't dread, enjoy it.
    They want creative people who are aware of and adaptable to the challenges.
    They want to see you can fit the frameworks/courseworks and yet be adaptable to children/behaviours/Shakespeare.
    No, not naive, balance EFL with awarenesas of students/curriculum/reality of GB.
    There is no 'in touch' - we teach Chaucer to Media and Spoken Language.... One of the best teachers I know, revered by the kids is only a year on from EFL.
    Good luck.
  2. Joeyriles

    Joeyriles New commenter

    Thanks, TJAMK. You've made me feel at ease.

    I know that male English staff exist, but I know that it isn't as commonplace.

    Thoughts on that front?
  3. secretsiren

    secretsiren Star commenter

    As an English HoD, I will always lean towards the candidate who is best for the job BUT male English teachers are a valuable commodity in my opinion. Boys often need a male role model who is happy to read in front of them and show them that Literature isn't 'girlie'. I certainly don't think it will work against you to be a male English teacher.
    And with regards to being overwhelmed by all the literature - this is the best opportunity you will ever have to read and read and read and read and read some more. Embrace it! I wish I could sit down and just spend a few days reading...enjoy it.
  4. TJAMK

    TJAMK New commenter

    Wouldn't worry about it - we have about 70-30 to women, but it doesn't make any difference in the dept. As our colleague says, kids are crying out to see men who 'do' words....
  5. Joeyriles

    Joeyriles New commenter

    Hi chaps, had plenty of observations in three different schools. Got the big day next week, hopefully all will go ok. Any final words of advice?
  6. Like someone else said, don't dread it - enjoy it.
    You will absolutely fine. You're obviously passionate and this will shine through.
    Show that you've done your research about current educational issues - English E-bac is a biggie, the dawn of the next national curriculum in 2014, etc.
    Why do you want to be teacher?
    What can you bring to the profession?
    Best of luck,
    Current PGCE student x
  7. I think the only naive thing is to be so open on a forum.
    As someone involved in training I (and my partners) look for as much 'real info' about suitable candidates including online info.
  8. sianna

    sianna New commenter

    Honesty is always good but working with young people has made me very careful about what I do and don't reveal about myself to the outside world.
    I guess it's what teaching has done to me.
    Good luck to you anyway!
  9. Joeyriles

    Joeyriles New commenter

    Just a note to say: Got it! :-D

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