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Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by ruby_neurotic, Jan 11, 2007.

  1. Hello everyone,
    Hope you're all doing ok. I'm new to this forum and reading it has really helped for my interview prep.
    I was just wondering if anyone could share what questions they were asked and what educational issues they looked up in preparation for there interview?
    Thank in advance,
    Ruby xxx
  2. Hello everyone,
    Hope you're all doing ok. I'm new to this forum and reading it has really helped for my interview prep.
    I was just wondering if anyone could share what questions they were asked and what educational issues they looked up in preparation for there interview?
    Thank in advance,
    Ruby xxx
  3. I can tell you what I was asked for my interview last year:

    You do realise that you are a very young applicant for this PGCE course don't you?
    Why have you chosen this university?
    How did you find your degree?
    Do you feel that you have learnt all that you need for a PGCE on your degree course?
    How are you with ICT?

    Nothing about anything that was written on my personal statement, and nothing about current educational issues.

    But as I understand it, this was an apalling interview that didn't even give me a chance. So I'd still swot up on current educational issues. Right when I was interviewed it was the Ruth Kelly paedophile list saga going on.

  4. I was asked quite obvious questions such as why do you want to be a teacher, what qualities could you bring.

    Also they put me on the spot, how would you cope in this situation, how would you deal with a disaffected pupil etc

    They also asked me to think about a text and how I would deliver it if the students werent interested in the topic

    Must have done the trick

    Hope this helps

  5. Thanks thats great, im not too sure what educational issues to look at and in what detail, any ideas anyone?
    Ruby x
  6. I'm not certain about this one (I've got a secondary PGCE interview too.) But I'll be looking at things like the recent changes that have been suggested (changes to the exams - i.e. no coursework etc) also things like the school-meal changes in September, inclusion policies, possibly even bloody Ruth Kelly and her kid being sent to private school. Look at the Every Child Matters agenda aw well.
  7. Thanks WaitingtoTeach21, that makes sense,
    All the best for your interview,
    Ruby x

  8. personalised learning is a big one.

    They did touch on current issues but more on how I thought Id tackle different situations.

    Good luck
  9. Hey there.

    Where are you applying?

    IN my interview I was asked why I wanted to be a teacher and why I specifically wanted to teach English. They elaborated on this, asking how past experience has helped me.

    They then asked me to choose a Shakespeare text that I would like to teach and to explain how I woul teach that to a particular age group. I went in to rather a lot of depth on this!

    The then asked me to choose a language topic and asked me to go into detail about how I would teach this to an A-Level class.

    Other than that, we did a very simple maths and literacy test; we had to make comments (an hour and a half's worth!) on a piece of work by a yr 7 student and I think the main bit involved us each being given a poem to read and quickly study for ten mins which then had to be read aloud to the 3 other students in the group, followed by probing questions, trying to get them to understand themes within the poem, namely, the theme of relationships.

    I hope this helps a little....

    As for current issues, I just read the TES site every other day to keep up-to-date with what is going on and then every two weeks I bought the newspaper.

    Rudy x
  10. Thanks Rudy, my interview is at Nottingham Trent
    Ruby x
  11. What do you mean by a language topic?
  12. I.e. not a literature topic. I talked about accent and dialect for an a-level class but it could be writing to persuade at GCSE, or writing to entertain.

    Does that help?

    I didn't do Eng lang any further than GCSE standard so one of my conditions is to get myself to degree level in English language (all by myself!)

  13. I was asked the usual
    "Why do you want to become a teacher?" and
    "Why English?" and lots of questions to do with how english links to drama (but that's cos my course is a joint eng & drama one), and
    "Why this University?"
    and then a long section about how i would deal with a pupil called 'Jason' who kept pushing me further and further - the interviewer kept bringing up new scenarios that got worse and worse - if they do that, make sure you end up by saying I'd call SMT!
    I was also asked about how I'd interest Year 7s in Shakespeare and why his work should be studied, and had to do a written task on this as well.
    I was also asked about what I'd seen in my day in school, which bits did I think worked really well.

    I didn't get asked about anything to do with current educational issues, despite having spent hours reading up on them! My interview was definitely more about how I'd approach the subject and the pupils rather than what's going on in the world at the moment.

    Hope that helps, despite the garbled nature!
  14. Thanks, thats great, did you get offered a place?
    Ruby x
  15. Your last question may well have been aimed at badleydrawnbadger but just in case...yes, I got a place @ man uni x
  16. I wasn't asked about any current educational issues in my interview (despite having prepared in great depth - grrr). They were more interested in my experience of working with children/young people and how i thought it was relevant.
    I also haven't done any English language since GCSE and they brought that up as a possible disadvantage - because literature is only a part of teaching English at this level.
    I had read some children's literature in preparation as well (holes by Louis Sachar is brilliant!)so even though they didn't ask specifically, i managed to mention it and they seemed impressed that i had made the effort.
    anyway good luck, and remember to smile and be super-friendly!
  17. missy22

    missy22 New commenter

    They asked me why I wanted to teach, what experience I had, why I chose english, what things I would need to top up on in order to teach, what I enjoy about english so much, and my favourite aspects of it.
  18. In response to Rhi82 - Holes is fantastic!!! Made me cry. But then so much literature does. x
  19. Well done Rudey, thats great.
    Better get on with all the reading, its not as if I havent got enough work to do in my final year of uni or anything like that....lol
    Ruby x
  20. Hi, I've applied for secondary English too. These posts have been so helpful!
    I'm in the same position as rhi82 and rudey - I haven't done english language since gcse. So worried that it's going to be a huge disadvantage. What did you read to get you up to scratch?
    Cheers jaynos1984

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