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PGCE Secondary Computer Science

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by asmag1, Jan 13, 2017.

  1. asmag1

    asmag1 New commenter

    So, I've been offered an interview for Computer Science and I am dreading it! Especially since my degree is not Computer Science related.

    This the process of the interview;
    • an interview with a member of the course team which includes an explanation of a concept in your specialist subject - teach an aspect in your subject at an appropriate level. The topic will be of your own choosing, and should be an appropriate to the subject curriculum. The teaching should not last more than 5 minutes and you will teach this to a tutor during the interview. You can bring with you models or resources to support your teaching, however the use of PowerPoint or similar will not be available.
    • a group task with a mentor from the secondary partnership which includes a presentation about your school experience and a discussion designed to investigate your understanding of teaching and your resilience
    • a pre-prepared written response to a statement designed to assess your academic ability and your understanding of your subject in the curriculum
    • a literacy test to evaluate your ability to communicate clearly and accurately in English
    • a subject knowledge test based on aspects of the subject curriculum in school
    So I just wanted to ask has anyone been through such as process. Could anyone give me any advice/tips on these points mainly for the group discussion and subject knowledge test as I'm worried that it might be a topic.questions to do with a concept of the subject which I may not be aware or too confident about.

    Thank you.
  2. MrMedia

    MrMedia Star commenter

    Yup - standard stuff for teacher training. As a course leader I can tell you that your quality and aptitude will shine out. The tasks are designed to capture as much about you as possible to start the target building and shaping. We don't expect you to be the finished product, we expect you to have the potential.
    The biggest problem I have is people come to interviews completely unprepared for subject knowledge questions so well done there. Read some specs, revise the key vocab you meet that you don't understand, read the forums and google your subject news heavily. If you get a question you are not sure about, ask a clarification question and don't be afraid to say that will be one of your targets ahead of September.
    Group discussion - that's about seeing how you interact in a group. Either you over dominate, interact fine or you sit there like a lemon. Naturally we want those in the middle.
  3. HarpMarch

    HarpMarch New commenter

    I did PGCE CS, where are you applying?
  4. ICTBusinessCS

    ICTBusinessCS New commenter

    I went through a two-stage process to get onto my Computer Science PGCE SCITT, and like you, I don’t have a degree in CS.
    During the first interview, I was required to do a small group activity with Year 8 pupils lasting 12 minutes (I chose micro processors). I also had to do a literacy & numeracy test and a computer science GCSE paper (they gave me 1hr30). I then had a lesson observation task and a formal interview, centred more around specific teaching topics, not so much CS.
    I then got through to the next interview which was based in a prospective school. Here I had to take a full year 11 class and teach them about databases. I spent a few hours with the computer science department and had another interview with the department tutor and assistant head teacher. Finally, I was offered a place!
    I found that they were looking for someone who can adapt and someone who is happy to continued learning – especially with CS as it is such a dynamic and ever changing subject. They also want to see that you are comfortable in a classroom and interacting with others.
    My advice on the subject knowledge would be looking up the specs and I came across a teaching agency document on google ‘Subject knowledge requirements for entry into computer science teacher training’. Also, you could always do the SKE course..
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  5. asmag1

    asmag1 New commenter

    My interview was at Huddersfield Uni on Tuesday & I got an offer from them the next day! It was a great interview.

    Thank you for the responses :)
    ICTBusinessCS likes this.
  6. mandyo6

    mandyo6 New commenter

    Hi asmag1, I am now in your position and have an interview, please can you let me know exactly what you had to do. I am so worried about making a fool of myself on subject knowledge!

    Thank you
  7. pepper5

    pepper5 Star commenter

    I wonder if they may ask you to work out some problems with binary numbers.
  8. uu15926

    uu15926 New commenter

    I'm a trainee doing computer science, and had my interview last year. It is not designed to catch you out on your subject knowledge, but mainly to see how you fit in; are the kids comfortable with you, are you comfortable with them. Do you get on with other staff, are you professional, can you take criticism, and most importantly, can you reflect on your performance, and suggest what you may do differently.

    I was asked to compete a GCSE paper on computer science, so get yourself a copy of the student book from one of the examination boards (so you know what you may be teaching).
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  9. PersianCatLady

    PersianCatLady Occasional commenter

  10. M_yasin14

    M_yasin14 New commenter

    I am planning to apply for computing PGCE and I wanted some advice as I do not have a degree in CS.
  11. Stiltskin

    Stiltskin Star commenter

    What advice are you looking for? The main thing you'll need to do is how can you show you have sufficient subject knowledge, or at least you will be able to have it by the end of the course, to be able to teach it? What is your degree in?

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