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PGCE (Secondary) Chemistry with Science interview

Discussion in 'Science' started by PeggyDee, Dec 23, 2011.

  1. PeggyDee

    PeggyDee New commenter

    Hi, I started my PCGE this year in September, but my interview involved a very similar presentation - my title was 'Teaching in the 21st Century classroom', but unlike you I had to do this as a powerpoint. My teaching subject is science.
    Some of the points I covered in my interview presentation included the very obvious increase of technology used in the classroom and the difficulty this presents in teaching science to children who have access to this technology and have become used to fast and easy answers. However I also brought up the fact that the subject content has not changed much (added to and advancing, yes, but it is still the same science) and that essentially children are still children and despite 21st century technology they still need compassion, understanding, discipline, encouragement and enthusiastic teachers.
    Without powerpoint you could illustrate your presentation with posters, or use a smart board. Draw the interviewers interest with models or demonstrations - it would show your versatility. Try to be dynamic, interested and most of all, sincere. Good luck for your interview. As i said I started the PGCE Science course a few months ago and I am loving it.

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