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PGCE Second Placement - What Help Would You Like?

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by JD1970, Jan 13, 2008.

  1. JD1970

    JD1970 New commenter


    I am about to become mentor to a PGCE primary student on their second block placement.

    I want to be able to offer as much advice and support as possible, but its been a while since I was in that situation myself, so was wondering what people generally feel they would need help with at this point in their training.

  2. JD1970

    JD1970 New commenter


    I am about to become mentor to a PGCE primary student on their second block placement.

    I want to be able to offer as much advice and support as possible, but its been a while since I was in that situation myself, so was wondering what people generally feel they would need help with at this point in their training.

  3. Hansy84

    Hansy84 New commenter

    I feel like I need a lot of help with assessment and all its different types. I felt that the first placement was very helpful regarding planning and delivery but neglected assessment a bit. Perhaps that's because planning and delivery just come first naturally in a placement, when you're learning.

    Also if it's a startlingly different age group/location behaviour management strategies might be an issue to be helped with.

    Hope that helps.

  4. As a PGCE student about to start their second placement the two things I hope most for, are to not be made to feel like a total nuisance and to get more feedback and advice on my teaching.

    From my first placement my class teacher seemed to go out of her way to make my placement partner and I feel like she would much rather we weren?t their (until we took over the class that was, then she loved it!) but this is where my other wish comes in. We got left unattended most of the time, and got very little feedback on our teaching - in two weeks she saw one of my lessons! So this placement round I really hope for more support and advice all round!

    It?s really daunting starting from scratch at a new school and a friendly face that is forthcoming with medium-term plans (ok thats a 3rd thing!) would big a big fat tick in my book!
  5. I'm doing a part-time PGCE over two years, so have just started my first block placment. The class teacher I work with and the SBT are both wonderful. They have made me welcome, and made me feel like they want me to succeed.

    Advice to me from the teacher and the SBT is always specific, and phrased in such a way that it is always constructive and positive. They ask me how I'm feeling, and if other members of staff are being nice to me. Everyone there WANTS me to be happy! And because of that, I AM happy there.

    I absolutely adore the school and the staff for their genuine kindness and helpfulness.

    If you can be like this, (and I think that by asking our opinion on here, you DO really care,) then I think you will be great at the job.

  6. As someone about to start my second placement I would like someone friendly, helpful, approachable, encouraging and a time set aside regularly every week for a meeting with my subject mentor so that I can discuss any issues or share what I feel I have achieved duing the week. I would also like to be made to feel part of the department and not as someone who is in the way and sometimes an inconvenience. Regular constructive feedback is always welcome at the end of every lesson.
  7. im hoping to feel that im part of the department, to know that i can approach my mentor without feeling like i am being watched all the time. Also being told what happens in regards to staffroom stuff such as what happens with tea/coffee oh and also somewhere to put my bag/coat and folders without feeling in the way.
  8. JD1970

    JD1970 New commenter

    Thanks for the replies so far - keep them coming!

    I can't believe that some of you have been made to feel unwelcome or a nuisance - after all, we've all been there. Part of the role of an experienced teacher is to help train and develop others who are new to the job.

    I'll take all the advice you've given into account and hope that my student teacher has a positive, constructive and enjoyable time at our school.

    Ang good luck to all of you as well!
  9. I'd add give the opportunity to experiment and try things out. The first placement is really about learning how to plan, the third is trying to do everything perfect as more often than not this will be the school that you get your reference from, so I think the second should be about finding your own teaching style.
  10. Am just about to start my second block PGCE placement too. I'd love it if my teacher-tutor could have some class and school information available when I go in - class lists, any special needs/medical conditions, school fire regulations and a plan for the routines of the school day (what time break and lunch are etc.) The sort of information pack you'd give to a supply teacher to help them get straight into a class can be invaluable in getting to know them quickly and will avoid chasing up lots of people later on in the placement.

    Would echo all previous comments for friendliness etc. (though the fact you're willing to ask for ideas would suggest you'll be a wonderful, supportive mentor - would like to have you as mine!)

    One final thought - have enough trust in your student to get stuck in straight in if that's what they want. If you show them you have faith in them, more often than not, they'll rise to the challenge. If they feel untrusted by their class teacher, it never really becomes 'their' class - it's a weird enough situation teaching someone else's class without being constantly being reminded of the fact. (not that I think you would!)
  11. JD1970

    JD1970 New commenter

    Starting in two days... any more tips?
  12. Is it a middle placement or a final one? My second placement is also my final one, so my response may be different to those who have 3...

    I'm hoping to have presence in the school from day one - at my first placement I was quite happy to hover in the background for a while and watch from a comfortable distance. This time, I would really like to be visible in my classes when I observe them in the week we have to observe before taking over the classes. So, I'd love the opportunity to get up and walk around once the kids are doing independent work and so on (whilst still watching and getting a feel for the class from the back when the teacher is at the front).

    To help with the whole concept of presence and confidence, having a good knowledge from the very first morning of what the sanctions policy is would be helpful.

    I'm hoping to continue to get formative feedback (lots of it!) but also keen to be left to it- all about balance!

    Echo all the above about knowing if you'll p**s anyone off if you use the wrong chair or cup or milk is EXTREMELY useful, as well as what office procedures are / where we can get to use a hole punch / stapler etc without winding anyone up. (It's mad how upset people get about these little things!) This is especially true of where to leave our folders etc - a real difficulty when you have no car and no space of your own in the school.
  13. What was the 2nd scholl placement like and what work did it entail having to do for the University.

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