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PGCE - second attempt

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by mrseangannon, Mar 16, 2011.

  1. mrseangannon

    mrseangannon New commenter

    Hi everyone
    2 Years ago I started a PGCE in ICT, I was getting along (not brilliantly, but solidly), but at around the halfway stage, I begun suffering severe Harrasment and Intimidation (not from pupils, but from an outside source, The Police have now dealt with this matter). I stumbled along, until one day I was called into the office and; "Its not working out, you are better suited in another role in education etc etc" and was asked to withdraw from the course.
    Anyway, two years on I have been working at a centre for vulnerable children in Peckham London, and have saved enough money to pay for the fees to do my PGCE again.
    Now I do know that a second attempt at a PGCE is a bit of a rare one, but I have heard of people attempting a third time. I also know that I have to produce a brilliant statement when applying to explain my 'withdrawal'. I am not doing it at the same University as before I want to start COMPLETLY again.
    Also, just to explain, Teaching is what I want to do, It is the only job/course that I have truly enjoyed and wish that these things hadn't happened to me. I know thatit will be more difficult to get onto a PGCE second time around, butteaching is what I wnat to do!

    After that thesis here are some questions that I need help with...
    1) Bursaries - ICT PGCE now gets no bursary, is there ANY other similar assistance (Longest shot)
    2) Fees - I have saved up enough for the fees this year, but is there any help towards them (Long shot)
    3) Loan - Can I apply for a student loan still, and in linking with 2), can I ask for a loan for the fees (medium shot)
    4) PGCE - Has anyone ever heard of a person getting onto a PGCE a second time, and if so what where their experiences.



  2. It's not impossible but, as you yourself realise, it won't be easy for another provider to give you a chance. It's always at the back of their mind: will the same thing happen again? You have said that your withdrawal had nothing to do with pupils or staff(?), but your course provider may not have come to the same conclusion. It's likely that whoever may consider you for a place will want to get the full facts from your previous provider, with your permission.
    If you do manage to get a place, then these are my answers to your specific queries:
    1. No bursary now for ICT - all you get is the usual student support like grant and maintenance loan like an undergraduate, plus a small bursary from your uni depending on your financial details. You may try a career development loan, or a cheap or free overdraft with a student or graduate bank account.
    2. No help, unless you are a Scottish-domiciled student studying in Scotland, who pay nothing.
    3. You can have a loan up to the full amount (probably £6k or £9k).
    4. Has been done, but in almost all cases whatever that led to their previous withdrawal/failure to complete has been addressed and overcome.
  3. mrseangannon

    mrseangannon New commenter

    thanks a lot, 4. is giving me a lot of hope!
  4. mrseangannon

    mrseangannon New commenter

    ANy tips for my statement? Should I come straight outwith it as my second attempt? or should I skirtaround thetopicand bring it up in interview? Its not something Id like to talk about in a statement as Id much rather face to face.

  5. Hey,
    I have actually got on to a Primary PGCE this year having started one in 2003, and withdrawn half way through the course. The route I took was to contact the course director directly and explain my situation before I applied and ask his opinion, as I had the same fears as you.
    We discussed the reasons for my withdrawal (severe family illness) and he contacted my old tutor who was able to give me a glowing reference and say I'd be suitable.
    That's the route I'd pursue - rather than trying to write it in to your personal statement, contact people first and talk to them, as I think often it gives you a better chance to explain. As to the rest - I believe it's been answered, so good luck!

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