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PGCE. Quit

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by LMusic, Jan 9, 2011.

  1. I've never wanted to quit anything more in my life. My trial week at my first placement went terribly. My mentor
    made me cry every night and destroyed my confidence. I have panic disorder and this only made it worse.
    I am currently on new medication but this won't kick in for about 10 days and I start my placement tomorrow.
  2. fantastischfish

    fantastischfish Established commenter

    I rarely say this but it rather sounds as though you are not in the right frame of mind to be beginning your placement. If it's a question of your mental health, it might be better to postpone the rest of your course until you are better.
  3. You must contact your uni tutor and speak to them about yopur situation. They may be able to help by talking to the mentor or they may wish to refer you to student support for help and advice. You need to be fit physically and mentally to deal with the stress of teaching and placements, if there has been a change in your health sttaus you may need to have time to ensure that this is dealt with so a temporary intermission (intercalation). Please seek helkp and don't just let things carry on - that way lay further problems and issues.
  4. Hi James,
    I am currently considering leaving my pgceprimary course and was wondering what I would have to repay in terms of fees and maintenance grant? I have spoken to uni tutors and I believe and feel that teaching is not for me. After battling through, I thought everything would be ok and tried to remain professsional yet find myself in tears constantly ( I know that PGCEs are difficult) and full of fear.

  5. Hey pgceprimary,you'll have to ask your uni for that. I quit in December, and was told that if I quit before Christmas I would have to pay back £950. As it is now after Christmas I'd guess it would be more than that, I'd estimate maybe £2000?
  6. Bursary you have received so far you can keep, as it's paid in arrears. If you quit mid-term, part of your maintenance grant may have to be repaid, as it's paid termly in advance. What you have so far received in loans will simply be added to your other student loans and you start repaying when your earnings reach £15k a year. You have to ask your uni about tuition fees. If you have paid yourself, some repayment to you may be due. If you've taken out fees loan, what SLC have paid to your uni so far (it's usually paid in two instalments) will be added to your other loans.
    When you officially leave, your uni will notify SLC and they will send you the final statement for 2010-11, setting out where you stand with regard to grant and loans.
  7. Hello..obviously not James but didn't make it past my first placement and Have a bit of an insight into how it works when you leave. You will have to pay back any grants that you have recieved ( this depends on the date u leave ) but not the busary from your uni while you were on the course. Check with your uni to make sure the dates you leave don't catch you out. Students finance will be able to tell you how much you will have to pay back if you leave before a certain date. I beleive it is divided into two fixed terms, so if you leave before the first term is finished ( end of Jan?) then u will have to pay back some of the grant you recived when you started in Sept.
    As long as you are not on cause for concern then u might want to ignore what your mentor and unsupportive member of your uni is saying and stick with it just to save yourself from the financial tripe that comes with leaving the course.
    Hope this help.


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