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PGCE question

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by littlemissraw, Sep 10, 2011.

  1. littlemissraw

    littlemissraw Occasional commenter

    There's no jobs in D&T either (48% drop since 2010) so unless there is a major shift go for the Engineering, the bursary is nice and I think you'll still be employable for Resistant Materials etc... x
  2. The above advice is sound, but remember that generally teaching jobs will be far harder to obtain than in previous years. I know of at least two universities where very few if any PGCE students in D&T have got jobs this September.
    The English Bacc does seem to have damaged D&T considerably already. If the new Natiional Curriculm does not include D&T then things will be worse.
    The Engineering Diploma is disappearing apart from the new University Technical Colleges - one of them might provide an opening for you perhaps.
    It is very hard to provide accurate advice at presnt as nobody really knows what is going on.

    Good luck the PGCE will provide valuable experience even if you change career.
  3. I've just completed my PGCE in D&T, and I agree with the above responses... jobs are not the most common to come by. HOWEVER... If you are willing to move I think you will be perfectly fine.
    In my PGCE there were around 60 trainees to begin with, by the end of the course there were about 40 of us left, and over 30 of those had secured a job (including myself, however I, just like many of the others, had to relocate to secure one).
    As for teaching D&T after doing PGCE in Engineering, you sure can do that yes, it all boils down to your individual subject knowledge.
    So yea, in a nutshell... go for it! you'll love it, and the more flexible you are in terms of location and subject knowledge, the better!

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