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PGCE Psychology: any advice?

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by sam8789, May 15, 2011.

  1. Hey, everyone :eek:)

    I am due to start my pgce in psychology starting in september, (keele)

    I was just wondering if there is anything anybody would advice me to be
    getting on with between now and september?

    Any general advice?

    Anything will be appreciated :eek:)
  2. Georgia99

    Georgia99 New commenter

    My advice would be to read around the stuff that will be crucial for you to know. It will really give you a head start.
    I would recommend getting the book called 'Pimp your lesson!' by Wallace and Kirkman. It is really easy to read and light hearted and will really introduce you to the key concepts that you will need to be thinking about in your lesson plans when you get started.
    If you get an understanding of things like differentiation, assessment for learning, literacy and numeracy in the curriculum etc. it will make your life a whole lot easier once you start.
  3. Thank you... i have had a year out in a high school so my details are not accessible now. Are you starting in september? Which university are you going to? Yes, i start in september at keele :)
  4. Thanks for the reply :) and i will have a look at that book. Do you teach psychology?
  5. Think my details won't work either now as got an email saying our access expired end of may so so much for that idea lol. Yep starting September... Going to IOE in London to do pgce social sciences. Got a place on the gtp but then the school had to cancel due to lack of funding which was so disappointing, so got to find some enthusiasm for pgce now- hopefully get it at the induction on Monday! Have u got one of them to go to?
  6. dairymilkqueen

    dairymilkqueen New commenter

    I'm starting my PGCE Psychology at Canterbury in Sept, we've had to do a weeks observation in a secondary school (even though I am a teaching assistant in one!) to observe the transition, I've also spent a day observing in the psychology dept. at a sixth form college which was helpful as even though I work with kids all day, it was good to see my subject being taught, I also got given some useful resource websites which I flick through every now and then and download any I like the look of!
    <font color="#0e774a">www.psychexchange.co.uk/</font>
    <font color="#0e774a">Those are the 2 I can remember off the top of my head, I was also directed to subscribing to Psychology Review magazine (http://www.philipallan.co.uk/psychologyreview/index.htm) which is aimed at A level students, often it takes the main theme from the Psychologist Magazine and puts in language aimed at the age group.</font>

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