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PGCE Primary - St Mary's University College INTERVIEW

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by nicole_lancaster, Dec 29, 2011.

  1. Hi there,
    Anyone preparing for a St Mary's interview????? I have mines next week and trying to prepare. I'm...ok, not kinda, but really stressing to the point where I'm having nightmares.
    Anyone out there feeling the same or can share any advice?
  2. Hiya!

    you're not the only one! I have an interview in two weeks time and feeling really unprepared atm! the letter says we are having a group presentation but theres no information on what we're presenting?! do you know anymore??
  3. thanks for your response.
    I have not received anything further in the post so I'm assuming we will be surprised on the day...great!![​IMG]
    I gues it may well be on general educational topics?
    I'm trying not to stress and just try to read up as much as possible an hope that i remember something useful o the day!
  4. Yeah i think it will be.... love surprise presentations!! It might be, if its a group presentation it must be an obvious topic everyone would know about..?! Wish I knew more!!
    Yeah me too! Also do you know what kind of questions they are likely to ask in the interview?
    Is yours this week then? good luck if so!! :)
  5. I've got my interview on Thursday and I'm really nervous about the group presentation also! I rang up just to make sure we weren't expected to prepare anything and they confirmed this and said that it's all changed this year.

    I wish I had something to go on though!
  6. sparkleshine

    sparkleshine New commenter

    I just looked on GTTR course search and it says there's no vacancies - I guess they must assume that they can fill all the places they have from all the people currently in the pipeline. So frustrated as they're my second choice and it looks like that was a really bad idea.
    Still waiting to hear on results of interview from my first choice who only interviewed me in late December despite applying 10th October...hoping this isn't true as if they reject me I have no second choice left.
  7. good luck for today! hope it goes alright.
  8. I know how you feel, i applied early but I havent even had my interview for my first choice yet, got it on 17th this month, however, my second choice only has around 35 places, and started interviewing in november. So frustrating :(
    When will you find out?
  9. sparkleshine

    sparkleshine New commenter

    It sucks doesn't it? :( My plan is if I don't get in to my 1st choice is to just ring round all my alternatives unis and ask them if they would still consider me at this stage. Then I could get GTTR to switch my second choice to one that has vacancies. Mega frustrating, if your first choice is inefficient it can really screw you.
    Good luck for your interview, hope it goes well for you! I'm still waiting...they said this week sometime but nothing as of yet.
  10. Hi everyone,

    I have my interview on the 11th, feeling really anxious about it. Have no idea what is going to be expected of us or the kind of questions we are going to be asked in the interview. What kind of things have people been looking at? I have looked on the dept. of education website, for current developments.

    Any ideas/advice?

  11. Hello!

    I had my interview on the 11th too, we probably saw each other!
    Have you heard anything back yet? I really want to know, didnt feel mine went very well!!
  12. Heya, I had my interview on the 11th as well, and haven't heard anything back yet either... I think today was the last date for interviews so hopefully we'll find out within the next week? I hate this waiting!

  13. Hey have you heard back from St.Marys yet I had my interview there on the 6th of January and it still says interview under the decision column on gttr ?? Has your status changed yet :) Thanks
  14. mine still hasnt changed!! been nearly three weeks now...has anyone else heard??
  15. Ahhh jeez this is killing me! Do you think we should call up and ask what the story is...?
  16. I called this morning and was told they have one more round of interviews tomorrow, so hopefully we will know before the end of the week. I thought I was told at the interview that the last round was on the 18th of Jan...? Anyway...it'll be a few more days waiting for us unfortunately...!
  17. I'm sure they said the 18th was the last set of interviews too. Oh well.. Another week to wait then! I just want to know either way now.
  18. Anyones gttr status change? mine is still interview im cracking up ha x
  19. A little part of me is dying now! Still haven't heard anything. It was a month yesterday.
  20. Just had mine in the last 30 minutes - conditional offer! YAY! :)

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