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PGCE Primary Schools Direct

Discussion in 'Primary' started by LFelton9, Apr 27, 2019.

  1. kittykat94

    kittykat94 New commenter

    Hi there,

    I'm due to start on my PGCE Primary Schools Direct course in September and have been looking for anything I can do to help myself prepare even more for the start, and was wondering if people had any suggestions?

    I have already:
    • school experience in EAL and mainstream
    • reviewed government guidelines on child protection, behavior management and teachers' standards
    • read the guidelines for my placement available on the University's' website
    • gone through the schools policies
    • applied for my DBS and Update service
    • gone through the Ofsted reports
    • become familiar with the National Curriculum

    I know I need to just wait for my induction information to be posted to me, but I'm too excited to start!

    Thanks in advance x
  2. Patriciahh

    Patriciahh New commenter

    It is great to hear of someone so enthusiastic about to begin their teaching career. If you love this job it is the best job in the world! Wishing you lots of luck for the future - you have absolutely the right attitude!
  3. kittykat94

    kittykat94 New commenter

    Thank you I'm so excited!

    I'm worried about pre-course subject knowledge audits. I have obviously gone through the curriculum and am comfortable with the core requirements however the act of auditing I'm finding difficult to find instructions on how to do them.

    At the moment I have colour coded the entire curriculum to show my confidence in each section, but I'm sure I'll find out on my induction day if that's right.
  4. steffanradbourne

    steffanradbourne New commenter

    Hey there,

    I did my PGCE Primary Schools Direct Teacher Training last year. I absolutely loved it as I was in school for most of the year and that's how I learn best. Things I wish I prepared before I started were:
    • If you know what year group you will be in at your host school, research a butt load of different activities for core subjects. Try to find out topics later on in the year as that is when you will have your main observations and assessments. Always best to think ahead.
    • Find extension, there will always be that bright box who zooms through the work in 10 minutes. They're great but infuriating at the same time. Haha.
    • As soon as you get to your placement, get a class list.
    • Get their previous years assessment data.
    • Buy your own stapler, hole punch and one or two ring binder files. You will be showered in documents, planning and policies.
    • GET DIVIDERS FOR YOUR FOLDERS! I did not have these during my first placement in October - I'm not the most organised person in the world. These saved me! Get them! You won't be fumbling around folders for ages then.
    • Get a decent diary. Get one that works for you. I like the A5 ones that have the days down one side and a notes pages next to it. Muji do some great ones but they're Jan to Dec, not academic.
    • In order to build your confidence in subject knowledge, do some tests set for children. I would maybe recommend the SATs papers as these cover everything. I did these as I knew that I would be based in Year 6 all year (Which I loved, I'm an NQT in Year 6 now). Using these tests I realised my subject knowledge in grammar was poor so I bought some grammar revision book.
    I loved my teacher training. My mentor was amazing! Build up your relationships with members of staff at the school - especially the person in charge of resources and printing credit. Haha. Befriend your T.A, don't feel like you cannot ask them to do something for you. I was 25 doing my training and my T.A was a 55 y.o. woman. She was a star. She was my rock at the school.

    Also, find something to do outside of school/work. Don't sit at home doing work until the early hours of the morning. Switch off and enjoy your weekends.
    Set yourself rules - My main rule that I never broke was taking work home. I never take children's work home. Separate work from school, even if that means staying at school until 7pm at night most evenings. My home was my free time. My weekends were mine. If you can, plan a week in advance.

    Any questions just drop me a message. :)


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