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PGCE primary Northumbria 2011, anyone been rejected/accepted?? Any news??

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by anth87, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. I had my interview on the 20th and in exactly the same position, I was told the process would be delayed but it would be nice to have some idea when a decision will be made!

  2. The university has only received confirmation of its TDA allocation in the last week or so.
    If it has followed the trend and had an increase in allocation as primary has then you should hear something soon. Northumbria has an excellent reputation and with the government putting emphasis on quality it its likely the allocation has stayed at the same level if not increased (I have been told that the course I am on is recruiting the same numbers again this year)(.

    Don't worry 'Stop' is a good sign.
    Stop, means the university needs more time to consider your application.... i.e they havent rejected you but because they are suposed to provide a response within a certain time frame and haven't been able to.
  3. I had my interview with Northumbria on the 18th of January too, we were told we would know even if it was places dependant, within two to 3 weeks and now that time slot has passed, I have rang up also, and not getting anywhere on the phone either. If they have decided because the TDA are going to allocate places soon to wait before sending letters out, it would have been nice to recieve an email telling us that this is what was happening instead of saying 2 to 3 weeks and being left in the dark. I just want to know either way! my GTTR just sasy application sent for consideration, nothing about my interview and it doesnt say 'STOP' either. This is one of the longest wiats ever!
  4. Hey,
    I know how you's are feeling i'm in the same boat. Sick of waiting now. I rang Northumbria and "apparantly" they still don't have the allocations from the TDA. At my interview we were told that if unsuccessful they would try and let us know within 2 weeks so our applications could go to our 2nd choices. Lets just hope the late reply is good news.
    Let me know if you's here anything.
  5. I rang the admissions section today; they advised that the allocation numbers have been finalised and that `track` will be updated from this afternoon. I can imagine that it will take quite a few dys to get the decisions to everyone.

    Good luck everyone - I hope we all get the answer that we want : )
  6. Thanks for the update. I've been desperate to know but now you have said that i'm starting to panic.
    Good Luck
  7. OOOOO how exciting!! fingers crossed we may find out tomorrow then!! its silly how they are telling different people different things!! god luck every1 :)
  8. Hi,
    Frustrating but it will be worth it, I'm sure they would of notified unsuccessful candidates as a priority with second choices reaching capacity. The lady at admissions did tell me a lot of rejections were sent last week, so no news will hopefully be good news very soon!
    I'm sick of checking GTTR track, I'm going to call admissions again tomorrow, I might put on a different accent though because I think there getting sick of me now!
  9. I've been waiting since November to hear about the result of my interview :( but no news is often good news?

    I know several people who have been rejected so fingers crossed. In the other thread someone has received an offer, so hopefully they will get back to us soon.

    Good luck everyone! Let me know if you hear anything.
  10. Hey will you let me know what they say when you ring, when i ring they just say the person i need to speak to is not in the office [​IMG]

    im even more anxious now i know someone has got a place!
    thank you
  11. I just rang them and they said 'no decisions have been made as of yet, you should here in the next couple of weeks'. But someone in the other thread said they had been made an offer. I dont get why the uiversity is being so inconsistent???
  12. Hi Rachieg87, did you apply for PGCE primary flexible? I'm getting fed up now, they must of made decisions. Second choices will now be full, I dont understand why they cant just say if you have been successful or unsuccessful and explain there waiting for allocations.

  13. Hi matty it is the flexible course I have applied for I have a 2 year old girl so its the most practicle route for me at the minute, I tried to reply on friday but I couldnt get into my emails to retrieve my forgotten password! Hope we find out soon, I rang back and said I have heard some places have bee given out and they said some have but they will be giving more out n next 2 weeks. just have to wait and see! [​IMG]
  14. Hi, Yeah just have to be patient. No problem just nice to know I'm not the only one on the flexi route waiting. I'll be calling every day next week, hopefully we'll find out within the next few days!
    Good luck if I hear anything I'll drop you a line.
  15. Just rang Northumbria, got the impression the lady was getting tired of people ringing [​IMG]. I'll still be calling every other day. She said we should all know by the end of February. I asked if she could be more specific and she said no.
  16. I also had my interview on the 18th and I got my reply on Friday [​IMG] so I should think you will be hearing very soon! They really should let everyone know all together, this way doesn't seem very fair.
  17. I had same interview date and heard on Fri too (except I couldn't check GTTR til sat eve as closed for maintenance...stress!) Thought everyone would have heard together or do they wait for replies before offering more places?
  18. Hi Rachieg87,

    Any news? I'm panicking now, I know a few people who were at our interview have already received offers. I called again today and the lady said everyone should know by the end of the month so hopefully we'll hear next week if you havent already heard.
  19. No news! I went through panicky stage too and rang up and asked if they had given all places out and if we were back ups for incase people said no apparently we arnt and there is still places, but I've been told lots of conflicting things,
  20. (Pressed post by mistake), I've stopped panicking and started presuming its a no. Hope I'm wrong. We get a rejection by default at the end of month, so maybe there just waiting for gttr to reject me instead, never been so kept in the dark! Good luck :)

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