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PGCE Primary LSBU interview

Discussion in 'Primary' started by emilywootton, Jan 3, 2012.

  1. Hi everyone
    I've just found out I have an interview on 12th January at LSBU but am yet to receive any information about what I should expect (assuming it's because of the Christmas break). Having read through a number of older threads and the very limited info on the South Bank course website, I'm assuming the interview is comprised of a 5 minute 'presentation', a maths test, an English test and an interview.

    I have lots of questions, hoping someone is able to help who may have had an interview recently?

    5 Min presentation - I've read on these forums that this is in fact a lesson we have to teach to our fellow interviewees. What are the restrictions? Do we have a board to write on? Can we use hand outs?

    Maths test - I use maths frequently in my current job but am not sure to what level these questions will be set? It appears that this maths test is new compared to previous years as it's not mentioned in older posts.

    English test - is this an essay? How long to we get to write it and do we get any time to prepare? I'm not sure what this will entail.

    Interview - I assume from past posts that this is a group interview but not sure if this is still correct.

    I have just over a week to prepare so any help at all is much appreciated! Best of luck to anyone else who's interviewing here or elsewhere.

    Thanks everyone,
  2. Hello, i also have an interview on the same day, i have recieved the e-mail they send regarding what you need to prepare for. However im a little stumped on the english test, not really sure what they want. Perhaps we could put our heads together and prepare ourselves.
  3. Hi Emily,
    Hope you managed to get all the info for the interview. I have my interview in a couple of days and would really appreciate any advice of what to expect. Was the Maths test difficult? What was the English test article? And what did they ask you to present? Any info you could provide would really help Very nervous!
  4. Hi Guys
    I just wondered what the LSBU Primary GTP timescales were? I applied the week before xmas and still haven't heard if I have an interview. Its so frustrating - I phoned 3 weeks ago to check on progress but still no news!


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