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PGCE Primary Interview Edge Hill

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by michaelaconvery, Jan 11, 2012.

  1. Hi there. I have an upcoming interview in Edge Hill for Primary PGCE. I was just wondering if anybody could shed some light on possible interview questions and the best way to prepare. I would also like to know the yearly intake of students if anyone knows this it would be great!

    Many thanks!

  2. I would not stress too much-easier said than done I know!...
    -I think you just need to be prepared to talk about the experiences you have had up to now in terms of being in a primary school.
    -Look into a current iniative currently facing primary education.
    -Think about... why do you want to go into teaching?
    -Maintain eye contact (very important!)
    After my interview a few years ago now, once I got onto the course I gradually found out these were all the things they were looking for.
    Good Luck! :)
  3. Hi
    Firstly, congratulations on gaining an interview on such a popular course. You will no doubt be a little apprehensive but good preparation will help to calm those nerves. Edge Hill has, very helpfully, given a lot of good advice on what to expect and how to prepare for the interview on their website:
    The interviewers will be keen to know what motivates you to become a teacher and any examples which you can use from your classroom experience will be good. Consider the examples you saw of good teaching practices or classroom management and how you will make the subjects interesting. Revisit your personal statement to see how you can expand on the information you gave. Keep reading the TES for current educational issues so you can show that you are keeping informed. Above all, demonstrate your enthusiasm for teaching. There's a very useful interactive interview on our website http://tda.gov.uk/get-into-teaching/apply-for-teacher-training.aspx.
    If you are looking for the yearly intake for Edgehill, you could browse their website or phone them for their stats. If you are looking for general intake of students on teacher training courses, have a look at this link to our website www.tda.gov.uk/training-provider/itt/data-surveys/trainee-number-census.aspx
    Good luck with your interview.


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