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PGCE Primary Interview Chester Uni Jan 2011

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by raefaye6, Dec 27, 2010.

  1. Hello! Does anyone else have a Primary PGCE interview at Chester Uni in January or has anyone had their interview yet?? If so, let me know and hopefully we can help each other out :)

    Rae x
  2. Hey. I've got an interview for the primary pgce at chester on the 12th jan next wednesday!! I havent started preparing yet but need to! Have you picked which topic your going to discuss in your 2 minute presentation???

  3. Hello!
    I've got my interview at Chester on the 12th too - just started preparing today. Not sure whether to feel reassured or start panicking about some of the things mentioned on these forums....!

  4. I know... I'm not stressing myself out too much otherwise I'll mess it up being under too much pressure! The presentation should be ok as its only 2 mins...As for the english maths and science tests.. I'm just going to do some some stuff off the gcse bitesize site to refresh my memory on the basics!

  5. Hey. You all prepared for your interview? Im petrified now!! I work two jobs so I've hardly had any time to get stuff sorted!! Do you think there will be many places left on the course considering our interview is quite late (most of them are in december...) What degree have you got if you don't mind me asking? Mines in law.. nothing to do with teaching! :/

  6. Hi, I am also on Wednesday 12th. Quite looking forward to it! Think the video session will be quite interesting.. Putting final notes together for presentation now - two minutes will either fly by or drag terribly. Can I just ask, are either/any of you what would be classed as 'mature'? I'm a bit worried about being seen set in my ways with regards to teaching, and not seeming as enthusiastic or bright as people straight out of university.

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