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PGCE Primary interview at Uni of Bedfordshire

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by anon2145, Feb 27, 2011.

  1. Hi all
    I have one of these on 23rd March - just wondering if anyone else did - and what you are doing to prepare ? At what level do you think the numeracy tests will be - I am not brilliant at maths - have done some revision but still worrying !
    I am also struggling to think of current "hot" topics within eduation - I am covering academies and free schools - but wondered if there was anything else anyone could think of.
    I am trying to get a feel for how many places they will have - I applied late (in January - after being rejected for GTP) and I kind of feel like most of their places will have already been filled. I do have lots of experience in schools having helped in my children's classes for years and currently work as a lunchtime supervisor - but none of this seemed to count for much when I did my GTP application !
    Just would be nice to hear from anyone thinking of studying at Uni of Beds.
  2. Hii, I haven't had an interview at Bedford, but I did apply. However, I had one at Northampton and the numeracy test was really simple I though. They just kinda ask 'what is 20% of this number' or 'what's the next number in the sequence'

    I dont know if it is the same at every Uni but that's what we got :)

    Also at my interview, they spoke about the lack of male teachers in school and why we thought that was, and also about newly qualified teachers quitting the profession within 5 years of qualifying. That might be something to think about too?

    I dont know if I've been any help, but good luck! x

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