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PGCE Primary interview at Brunel 2011

Discussion in 'Primary' started by misskitkat, Mar 14, 2011.

  1. Hello, fellow Brunel interviewees!
    I have an interview at Brunel university tomorrow (15th March 2011) at 9:15am and was hoping to converse with other applicants attending the same interview and discuss how everyone has prepared for theirs.
    I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow!
  2. Hi Miss KitKat. I attended the same interview. I was the last girl rushing in lol. How do you think the interview went?

    I'm being premature and keep checking my UCAS to see if I got in or not =S I was shaking throughout the whole interview.

    How did you find it?
  3. Heyyy Samimaaa I remember youuu haha. I'm the girl that was wearing the black headscarf :D i keep checking my Track aswell! Have you heard anything yet? Hopefully we all got in :D
  4. Hey, Yes I remember you =D You're were in the first group interview right? I kept checking my track everyday and then Saturday early morning I got a response. I got in! Alhumdulillah =D What about you, have you heard anything yet? Inshallah you hear soon!
  5. Yayyyyy!! congratulations to u!! I'm so happy for us =D lol. I'll be living at home, what about you?
  6. Hehe yaaayy :D me too i'm going to be living at home and then commuting 2 hours to Brunel! Joy lol.
  7. Joy indeed lol. Are you on facebook by the way? I'm under Samima Begum.
  8. Oh I didn't realise they had private messaging here. I've replied to you =D xxx
  9. Oh I found you! I can't seen to add you though lol. I'm in that pgce group too on facebook. xxx

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