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PGCE Primary Interveiw. Story Telling Colraine

Discussion in 'Primary' started by ladybirdcarla, Jan 11, 2012.

  1. Hi, can anyone give me some hint/tips/advice, im going for the first stage of the interview process at colraine on monday, which is storytelling. I have chosen to tell the gruffalo, i have created some great props and have the story pretty much nailed. im just doubting myself now? do they expect you to create your own story?? has anyone been through this process? can anyone shed any light on the situation?? will i be called for the 2nd stage that same day? will they ask me questions about my philosiphy on education??
  2. Hi I am also going for the interview on Monday in Coleraine, As far as I know its only 5minutes and you just tell your story, they don't ask questions about it or anything else. I think they then contact you by letter if you are invited to stage 2. Are you bringing the book with you? I am doing walking in the jungle, but i didn't create my own props maybe i should have :(
  3. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    I would imagine that as long as you 'tell' a story and not read one, it matters not a jot which one you choose or if you make up your own.

    Having done interviews today, though not at Coleraine, I wouldn't have had a clue if applicants had made up their own or used an obscure one from the net. The Gruffalo sounds as good as any.

    Props are only a good thing if they are useful. Hastily made ones that are used due to a feeling one 'ought' to, but are of no real value are pointless. You really would be better off without.

    Confidence, or at least the appearance of it, and enthusiasm are key as is showing you have thought about the task and prepared well.
  4. how did the first stage go? i have my first stage in february.
  5. yay!! got through story telling stage am now fretting aobut this next stage formal and written, 2nd of feb anyone got any ideas of the questions they may ask in the written part?? seems very vague, they are kind enough to imform you of the types of question they may ask you in the formal interview but no clue of written part..the bit im dreading!!!!
  6. hi,
    what sort of questions did people get asked in the interview? and the written part?

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