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PGCE Primary - Found out today rejected.

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by AlisonRR, Dec 9, 2011.

  1. Hi

    I found out from the GTTR website that I have been rejected. I applied to Edge Hill.

    Can anyone help me please. Do you get a letter or any kind of feedback as to the reason for the rejection.

    I am totally gutted, I have a First Class Degree and did 2 terms as 2 different schools volunteering. I worked in Financial Services for 20+ years up to management level. My personal statement was checked over by my tutor who said it was fantastic.

    Just would like a reason why I didn't get a chance to show my skills at interview.

  2. Hi Alison, I got rejected by Edge Hill before interview too. I am an HLTA with 12 years experience working in schools from years 0-11, including outstanding schools, failing schools and pupils referral units, I have a good degree and fantastic references from every place I have worked. I did eventually get some feedback to say I wan't as good as the other candidates. When I questioned this they said that actually I just hadn't shown enough of what I'd done in my application. I had thought I had done enough to get an interview and would get to show my skills later, but that was not to be. My colleagues were all gobsmacked as they think I am fantastic!
    I hadn't applied anywhere else and was in shock for a while. Then I phoned the University of Cumbria (way after the closing date by this point), and judging me on the same application, they invited me for interview and gave me a place on a shorter route course.
    I was gutted at the time, but this has worked out much better for me, so has been a blessing in disguise really. Good wishes, Jill

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