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Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by klchaplin, Mar 9, 2008.

  1. I have spent hour after hour trawling the internet in the hope that there is a PGCE Primary course done mostly through distance learning that covers the Devon area. I seem to find them for every area except the south west which is really frustrating. Does anyone know of any courses based in other areas that will let you arrange placements in your home area yourself?
    Many thanks,
  2. A friend of mine did it through Open Uni?
  3. LoobyLouLou

    LoobyLouLou New commenter

    I didn't think OU did Primary......would be thrilled to hear if they did!!!
  4. They used to but it was pulled after failing its Ofsted. Sorry!
  5. Hi i have just got on the Hertfordshire Uni's distance learning PGCE and although i am not sure about whether thay will let you do all of your placements down where you are, they have said that anyone from overseas or anyone who needs to fly here will get a placement next to luton airport and they will help find accomadation.... hope this helps, check out the university of hertfordshire's website for PGCE Primary and it is a link on that page...
  6. i too researched this for weeks and contacted just about every uni there was and nowhere would take me on the distance learning option as i was based in northern ireland. i had no option but to apply for the course in belfast, where i will have to travel for a total of about 4/5 hours every day. but its worth it if i get in. i'll just be glad to get on a course at the end of the day.
  7. Hi,
    I am searching for a distance learning pgce course at the moment, could you tell me how you are finding the course at Hertfordshire? How many hours a week study would you estimate it takes via distance learning? Also, do you know if funding is available for distance learning pgce?
    good luck and thanks, nicola
  8. OU doesn't anymore.

    Goldsmiths in London do a modular PGCE, its not distance learning, but the teaching is in condensed blocks and I think you can do it anywhere.
  9. As far as I know, it is impossible to do PGCE outside of the UK. You could work as an unqualified teacher as an international or local school and then use the experience gained to reduce the time needed to achieve QTS on your return. Or you could do some other qualification which is recognised locally and then apply viat the overseas trained teacher route.
  10. There are a few 'International PGCE' courses available with certain UK unis, such as Sunderland and Nottingham . You do academic part by distance learning, and placements in local international/British schools.
    http://www.sunderland.ac.uk/study/course/677/professional_graduate_certificate_in_education_idl (Secondary only)
    But remember with any of these courses you don't get QTS - qualification needed to teach in state schools in UK.
  11. Hi
    Like you, I am also living abroad, although I live in Copenhagen, Denmark. I am starting my PGCE next week and will fly over for the placements and the 2 on campus weeks. Luckly I don't have as far as you to go though!
    The placements are in great big blocks so you don't have to fly back every few weeks. This should help with keeping costs 'somewhat' down.
    Well good luck with whatever you decide.
  12. try looking at the north of england and scotland. There is a distance and online pgce for oversees teachers. I think it might be northumberland or similar. Might be worth emailing them for more information if you are based in Brunei, especially about funding. try using the GTTR gegistry as well as google for more info. Have a great time in Brunei. gina
  13. Im trying to find a course that will allow me to stay in Hong Kong. Ive just moved home after being in UK for 3 years, and would much rather be able to stay here and do a distance learning PGCE. Any suggestions of any universities that cater for LONG distance learning?
  14. Hi there,

    I'm living in Paris so If push comes to shove I can go back for the placements (although I am trying to have it agreed that I can do my placements in the British school here) for Hong Kong, although I know it's still far, Keele uni do the PGCEi from Bankok so all the coursework is distance learning and then you would do 18 weeks placement (and 3x 3 day weekend masters course) in Bankok...

    Good luck :)
  15. Hey Siobhan, I'm currently living in Spain and would love to do a PGCE in the UK as you suggest, doing distance learning and then flying to the UK for placements, compulsory lectures etc. Which uni and course did you find that allowed you to do this?

  16. Hey! Which uni and couse was it that was considering letting you do placements in British schools overseas? Did they let you in the end?


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