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PGCE Primary books - Bargain Price :D

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by JessicaJM24, Aug 18, 2011.

  1. Have a selection of books to sell which I found really helpful during my PGCE year. All in good condition. Price negotiable if buying more than one. £8 per book.
    Achieving QTS Primary science: knowledge and understanding (4th ed) - G.Peacock et al
    Achieving QTS: Passing the numeracy skills test (4th ed) - M. Patmore
    Achieving QTS: Primary English: teaching theory and practice (4th ed) - J. Medwell et al.
    Achieving QTS: professional studies: primary and early years (3rd ed) - k. Jaques
    Developing teaching skills in the primary school - J. Johnston et al.
    Learning to teach in the primary school - J. Arthur et al (eds) £15 due to P+P
    What makes a good primary school teacher? Expert classroom strategies. C. Gipps et al.
    The guided construction of knowledge - N. Mercer
    The language instinct - S. Pinker
    Children's minds - M. Donaldson
    Towards Dialogic teaching (4th ed) - R. Alexander
    Mathematics explained for Primary teachers - D. Haylock (2nd ed, 4th ed) - £15 due to P+P
    The teaching of science in primary schools (5th ed) - W. Harlen et al
    Understanding primary science: ideas, concepts and explanations. (2nd ed) - M. Wenham
    Developing language and literacy 3 -8 (2nd ed) A. Browne

    If interested in any/all please e-mail jjmallett@hotmail.co.uk or reply to this post. They are all great condition and have helped me loads with my PGCE. Photos can be sent on request. Price can be discussed :)
  2. Do you still have these books for sale? I'm after:
    Mathematics explained for Primary teachers - D. Haylock 4th ed and Achieving QTS: Passing the numeracy skills test (4th ed) - M. Patmore

    Thanks :)

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